hibernation (& other necessary evils)// remix #26, #27, #28

Well I’m back, and I’m still alive! I can now proudly say that I have participated in my first Fainting Goat fashion show and I have also launched my first seasonal collection for The Fainting Goat, two items on my to do list for this year! Since both lines (the formal wear collection & the Spring collection) include restyled vintage pieces sewn by moi, I can also check that ambition off the list! I know I’ve been light on the blogging lately, but now that those two huge projects are past the work hump, I’ll be back to posting this week. Even though I haven’t been posting them, I have been taking pictures of my last few 30 for 30 remixes. I’ll be sharing three looks in this post, with the last two coming later today (when I figure out where I saved them on my computer).

The show was on Saturday and Sunday was the day I had scheduled an Etsy showcase, so I had to have about 20 new items added to the show by then. After finalizing the lineup at 11:52pm Saturday night, I officially went into hibernation mode. With the help of a heavy sleep aid, I went to bed and woke up around 2:30pm the next day. After a long bubble bath, I went back to bed for the remainder of the day, finally getting up for real around noon on Monday. After a few hours of cleaning my house, unpacking my car from the show, straightening up my studio and napping, by the end of the day I felt rested, regrouped and ready to start working on my next big projects today.

This week my main focus is setting up my showroom at Main St. Antiques. My parents run the shop and have been very helpful in launching (and re-launching) The Fainting Goat. This week I’ll be working to get my new room set up and transformed from an empty room with wood walls to a space that evokes the fun & whimsical vibe of The Fainting Goat. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

I’ll also be working this week on getting more of my spring collection photographed and listed on Etsy. Now that the show is over, I’ll be listing some of the restyled vintage dresses on there as well. I’m not super happy with how the first round of photos came out but since I was short on time I had to make do with what I had. Hopefully the second round will be more in line with what I envisioned.

The show. It went great! The girls who modeled for us were so amazing. Not only were they beautiful, they had the best attitudes ever! The name of the show was True Beauty, and they each truly embodied that. To see pictures from the show, head over to our Facebook page (and Like us while you’re there!), I’ve shared a few there.

Time to get up and get going! Lets all go have a great day and I’ll meet you back here tonight for my last two remixes, k? 🙂