Love the Way You Lie// Song of the Day 11/22/2010

Ok, so this is really more like the video of the day. I like the song; I like Eminem, and I like Rihanna; I like Charlie too; but I love the look of this video!! Everything is so visually interesting, I found myself watching the video over and over just to admire to set work, the fashion styling, the cinematography, everything.

Rihanna’s look is amazing: I love her red hair, makeup is incredible, and she is totally rocking the no pants look. You don’t really notice Eminem’s appearance, which for him is a good thing (he’s over done it in the past). The set for the house is so trailer-park stylish, perfect. Not to mention that this video reminded me of my star crush on Dominic Monaghan that I had totally forgot about. Love, love, love.