#5: Cocktail Dress// Project ReStyle

I told myself that I was going to do a project this week that didn’t involve sewing, but that didn’t so much happen. What did happen though was I restyled this matronly cocktail dress into a hot little number that I would actually wear out on the town!

Before, she wasn’t much to look at. The skirt was an interesting fabric and texture, but an awkward length and way too straight. I loved the poofy sleeved top and the awesome embroidered detailing on the belt though.

I decided that because the fabric looked like it would be difficult to work with, I wouldn’t even try cutting any length off the skirt. Instead I simply turned the dress inside out, folded the skirt in half, and hand stitched the bottom hem to the top using some heavy duty thread. Luckily there was a wide hem already at the top of the skirt where the belt was attached, so I attached it to that so that my new skirt length would be equal all around. The multiple layers and the crinkly fabric created a bubble skirt look that I really liked!!

The skirt is definitely on the short side, but doable, especially if worn by someone whose legs aren’t as long as mine. As much as I love the dress, I decided to put it up for sale in my Etsy shop. I can’t keep everything I make (at least that’s what I have to keep telling myself). I figured that since all the extra length is still sewn in there, if her new owner needs to alter the skirt length there will be plenty of fabric to work with.