Prison Break// Remix 23


Sweater, dress, boots: Target; shirt: The Fainting Goat Boutique; belt: H&M.


First of all, let me say that I would never, ever, ever had thought to wear this outfit were it not for this remix challenge. It took far too long to come up with this combo… any other day and I would have given up and gone with another dress. I was determined to wear this dress again though. I’ve realized there are a few items that I haven’t really reworked yet, I’ve just worn them the way I normally would have. I want to try and wear each piece at least twice, so this plaid dress was on the top of my list of items to rework.

I have come to determine that I don’t really like this dress. I may give it away after this challenge. I love the skirt. I actually really like the dress itself I guess, I just don’t like the way that it fits me. I have a very short torso and very long legs, and this dress accents that. The waist hits about an inch above my natural waist and just makes for an awkward skirt length. Plus the wrap top doesn’t really wrap the way it’s supposed to on me. I’m glad I found another way to wear it today, but even this may not be enough to save it for me.

Another reason that I’m proud of this outfit today is that I managed to apply a technique that I’ve seen popping up on other fashion blogs: layered leggings. I started with my trusty grey flannel leggings. These are my uniform around the house. They’re thick enough to almost be pants, but not. I then layered my white lace leggings on top. I love the look! You really notice the pattern in the lace this way. I will definitely be using this little trick again.

Just for fun, let’s count the layers I’m wearing today. I started with the flannel leggings and a grey thermal tank top. Then I added the lace leggings and the plaid wrap dress. Next, the black v-neck shirt. (This is the first time I’ve worn it during this challenge! 23 looks and I’ve finally worked everything in at least once!) On top of that, I added the pink sweater. I like that this sweater has such an interesting cut, but it makes it a lot harder to rework that I thought it would. I would have preferred something more fitted all over, but again, my white sweater + short sleeves on dress and shirt= fake muscles. Adding the black belt helped pull it all together, although it was a little high in most of these photos. Any other day I would have gone back and taken a few more, but my shoot was cut short today. There was a prison break you see…

Ok, that may be a little overly dramatic. Basically, about 20 minutes into taking pictures, I was posing for a shot in my back yard when I looked up and noticed my cat walking across the back deck. My cat who isn’t allowed outside. My first thought was that someone must have broken into my house and let him out while fleeing with my valuables. My next thought was that I probably didn’t pull the door all the way to when I came outside and he pried it open. Guess which one was true.

It’s so much easier when dogs run off. You can call them and they come running. They realize that its cold and they’re unhappy, and they come home. Cats like to pretend that they are in heaven while they are really miserable. My old man cat Smokey never leaves the front porch; he just plays along and pretends to walk away slowly so that I can “catch” him and put him back inside. However Gus, the Russian spy cat, likes to drag out his misery for hours… and hours… and hours. Tonight he hid under the house for no joke 3 hours, in the cold darkness, crying like a baby but too proud to come out. I of course had to play my part and walk outside and call for him every five minutes, pleading for “my little baby to come home.” He finally gave in and is now snuggled warmly in his favorite spot under the Christmas tree. All is once again well with the world. Except that my belt is too high in these pictures.

Good Morning.


I think my cat is Russian.


I woke up to this picture today. He was staring at me, watching me sleep. Some people may find this creepy. I prefer it to waking up to him standing on my head.