Midnight Moonlight

Not only was there a full moon on Saturday, it was a Super Moon. I just happened to check one of my favorite blogs/shops, Lune Vintage, late in the afternoon and saw her post about it. As soon as I did, I knew what my plans would be that evening!

I went out at sundown, when it was supposed to be visible, but no luck from my longitude/latitude. So I went back in, cocktail in hand, and popped in a movie (Greenburg… I give it 3 stars).

About an hour later I went out checked again and bingo, we had a full moon. My camera and I stayed out for a while, snapping some shots and testing out different settings. Then I went back inside to Ben Stiller.

Around 11pm, I moved my little party back outside, and this time I brought my monster telescope. There is something so cool about seeing the moon up close! If you’ve never done it, you should add that to your bucket list.

I also brought my camera tripod and remote and snapped a few “outfit” posts while I was at it. My awesome camera + tons of light from the full moon= awesome night shots! The only problem was that I had to stand absolutely still for 20-30 seconds while the shutter was open, which obviously I cannot do, especially after a few cocktails. Still, I was very impressed with how my “moonbathing” shots turned out!

No flash or exterior lighting!!

Hello, summer dresses! It was very warm in GA on Saturday so I broke out another one of my new summer dresses that I picked up over the winter. This dress isn’t vintage, it’s by Baby Phat, but I did get it at the thrift store for $5! It’s practically new, no snags, stains, or tears, and the fabric isn’t even piled or pulled. Score! I love strapless maxi dresses. When I can find ones that fit, you better believe I wear the heck out of them!