Eight things that have made me smile this week

1. Beats Antique

2. Bikram Yoga… I took my first class this week, and I’m hooked! One and half hours of yoga in a room heated to 105 degrees (with 40% humidity!). Sounds like hell, but leaves you feeling soooooo good!
3. Gypsy skirt dancing My first “choreography” class… I love it!! This isn’t the routine, but you get the general idea:
4. Bangs! Finally got my bangs trimmed, a long overdue necessity. I love finally having a hairdresser that I look forward to seeing!
5. Hummus… I forgot how much I love this stuff! I’ve eaten hummus and raw bell peppers for lunch everyday this week. Yum!
6. Hiking… Is there anyone that lives in the north west metro atlanta area (in all its sprawling grandeur) that doesn’t love Kennesaw Mountain? The beautiful spring like weather on Monday combined nicely with my having a day of work, which leads to my next item…
7. Long weekends! With holidays and ice storms, I haven’t worked a five-day work week in over a month now. Who doesn’t love that!
8. The new Babycakes cookbook… One of my goals this year is to pick a different cookbook each month and cook as many recipes out of it as I can. I bought this one a few weeks ago (right before starting my New Year, New Start fast) and have been dying to try it out! I made my first recipe this week, chocolate chip bread, and it was great! Gluten free, sugar free, vegan goodness. (I shopped at the actual Babycakes bakery in New York ago– definitely worth the 15 blocks or so we walked to get there!)

OK, so I confess, this list was supposed to be 10 things that made me smile this week, but I’m running late for tonight’s dance class, so I’ll leave the last two slots open for you. What has made you smile this week?