One of THOSE Days…

Outfit #1

Ever have one of THOSE days? Well, I have today. I suppose it started at 4am, when I was still lying in bed trying to fall asleep. It continued around 7:30am when my pets started dancing, standing, and prodding to wake me up. By 10am, I was officially in a funk that I just couldn’t shake. Never a quitter though, I went into my morning workout with my head up. 2 miles on the treadmill and an extra long strength training time later, I actually felt a little better. Motivated, I decided (after a nice hot shower) to do a little modeling for my Etsy shop today. I’ve got a few winter items that I could still put up, and a new tripod & camera to break in.

Fast forward 1 hour later and I’m digging through bins and stacks to find this one skirt that mysteriously grown legs and walked off. (Or maybe I already sold it. I guess that could also be possible.) Still not a quitter, I grabbed a few dresses and another skirt and headed downstairs to style them.

The first dress had those funny hanger points on the shoulders, so it was a no go. After trying on the skirt, I decided it was too long on me and looked better the first time it was modeled. Apparently, I lost the other dresses somewhere between my studio and my bedroom, because when I went to try them they weren’t there.

Have I mentioned I’m not a quitter? Feeling my endorphin induced high quickly wearing off, I decided to just dress up in my own clothes and go play with my new camera outside for a change (because it was beautiful today!). I loved my first outfit choice (yes, I said first) until I reviewed the first few shots and then asked myself what was I thinking. That’s the first outfit in the picture up there.

Outfit #2

After changing tops, I felt much better… until I reviewed those. Another outfit fail. It just didn’t feel right, like I was missing something.  (mind you, I’ve worn this combo before, which makes me think I need to always photograph myself before I walk out the front door.)

Outfit three. By this time, i needed to get on with my day so I didn’t take any pics before heading out to run an errand. I stopped in to visit my parents, thinking maybe I just needed some human interaction. After a few minutes though, my stomach was hurting, I felt exhausted, and I could feel a headache coming on. Not from the visit, my body just picked that timing to self-destruct. So I headed home, grabbed my tripod and headed back outside. I was not giving in to this day!

Outfit #3

After a few shots, though, I gave up. I think the breaking point was when I walked down a deer track in the tall grass and immediately was attacked on all sides by thorny sticks. I just wasn’t feeling it. So I put the tripod on the porch and just started playing around with my camera.

Then I noticed my dog, running circles around me at lightening speed. She evidently was having a great day in the sunshine.

At least one of us had a good time.

This morning when I was on the treadmill, there was a moment when I realized I was wearing my glasses. Since I’m practically blind, I usually make sure I have my contacts in before doing anything athletic. Since I didn’t really need to see where I was going (hello, treadmill), I slipped my glasses off and just ran through the blurriness. Thinking back to this, I think this is a great image of how many of my (our) days go. We just move in the direction we know we should be headed, even though the path before is fuzzy and uncertain. Some days you just have to move forward because you know the scenery will never change if you don’t.

I love manual focus.


Side note: Now that I’ve uploaded and edited the pictures from today, the first outfit is my favorite. Go figure.