Closet Tour & A New Challenge

Hello all! Today I’m taking you all on a little tour of my closet, or more specifically my bedroom, since my clothes kinda spill out into the entire room. This is a little post that I’ve been wanting to get up since the end of the 30 for 30 Challenge back in November (December?) but I’ve been waiting for a sunny day where my closet was clean enough to take some pics. 🙂 I’m not naturally the neatest person, although I do love to organize.

The reason behind me showing you pictures of my bedroom (other than I just love to show off my house and since I moved in over a year ago, I’ve had exactly 5 visitors who weren’t related to me) is to give you an idea of how I put my outfits together. Between my closet, dressers, shoe racks, accessories table, clutch cubby and antique hat rack, there is a place for everything to go and still be easily accessible. By creating little “stations” for my stuff, my choices are all in front of me during each step of the dressing process.


My closet-- the part you can see at least. There's a few more feet on either side for stuff to hang, which is nice, but it's a pain to get back there. I usually keep my seasonal stuff in the center.

The shoes.

Big purses and bags live on top.

I have way too many belts. (There's another small bin of the off camera.)

What, you don't have an antique hat rack in your bedroom? Where do you hang your scarves and shoulder bags then?

Most of my clutch collection, plus a bin of bathing suits, and a bowl of random buttons and tissue packs.

My skirts get their own apartment, I meant compartment. They live nicely with my back issues of Jane magazine... oh, Jane. Sigh.



A great idea for reusing an old window frame! So much easier to keep up with jewelry when you can hang it from a nail!



I was looking for a cute way to store my tights and this vintage suitcase seemed like a perfect fit! I also threw in my square scarves and some of my more delicate necklaces.


So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed getting a little peak into where I spend most of my time. Not because I’m always in bed or dressing myself, it just so happens that the right side of my bed has the strongest wireless internet signal in my entire house, so I do a lot of my work there.

I also wanted to show you how I come up with my outfits because it’s time for another 30 for 30 Remix Challenge! Kendi over at Kendi Everyday announced a week or so ago that the winter edition would be kicking of February 1st. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to participate this time at first, especially since it feels like I just finished the last one, but I learned so much about my personal style from doing the last one that I decided to go ahead and sign up. However, I decided to add an extra twist to this remix, just to make it more “me.” I decided that for this remix, I would only include vintage and/or thrifted clothing in my selection! The only exceptions that I am making are for shoes, because those aren’t items that I generally buy vintage (or thrifted, although I do have one or two pairs). I’ll be sharing my 30 items with you on Monday!