#2: Sari Curtain// Project ReStyle

Week 2 of Project ReStyle!! For this week’s project, I restyled this gorgeous sari into a curtain for the picture window in my bathroom.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… what the heck is a white girl like me doing with a sari lying around? Honestly, I’ve wanted one for years but could never really justify the expense, for obvious reasons. Lucky for me, I happened upon this beautiful hot pink and gold number at a thrift store last fall, for $2.99!!! I had no clue what I’d do with it at the time, but for that price I couldn’t pass it up.

I would like to thank YouTube for teaching me how to actually wear this! I know its not perfect, but not bad for 30 minutes of practice!

Shortly after bringing this baby home, I realized where it would look perfect– in my bathroom! Straight out of 1989, my master bathroom boasts burgundy fiberglass, gray subway tiles, and lots of brass. The focus of the room is a huge, 2 person Jacuzzi tub, topped by a large picture window. Oh, and did I mention that the tub doesn’t even work?! I’ve managed to make the burgundy work by pairing it with more modern raspberry colored towels and accent rugs, but this tub has remained an eyesore in the room. The best part is that the bathroom opens right up to my bedroom, separated by a large doorless archway. For the past year and half, this is the view that I have woke up to everyday:

The ladder isn't always there, but the plants are... and the plastic bag of stuff and random empty bottles and jars.

One option would have been to cut the sari up and sew some proper curtains. However, that would take sewing skills beyond what I possess, plus who knows when I may have an occasion to wear a sari? It would be a shame to cut up the only one I had.  So this meant I needed to find a way to hang the sari without actually altering it permanently. My solution: curtain rings!

I bought these clips about 8 years ago when I needed to add an inch or two to a curtain I wanted to hang. I slipped the round end over the plain white rod that was already mounted over the window. Then I attached the sari by pinching the fabric about 4 inches from the edge and fastening the clip to the backside of the sari. This allowed the top band to stand up and cover the rod. On alternate clips, I also pinched the fabric about 9 inches below the top pinch and clipped that as well, to create the folds in the fabric.

Total cost of this restyle: $2.99!! I guess if you add the cost of the clips in too, it would add another few bucks. Now I have a much better view to wake up to each morning!