Breakfast for Julie

My friend Julie posed this question on Facebook this morning: “what is a quick & easy high protein breakfast… and not eggs?” Well, that’s a paraphrase, but something like that. The ensuing discussion got me thinking, and made me quite hungry. Deciding that it was time for me to get the oatmeal on, I headed into the kitchen, only to discover that all my pots were dirty. That’s right, I said it, I’m lousy at keeping up with the dishes. Now that I finally have a dishwasher, it’s even harder because I have a place to hide them in between cleaning events. So faced with the task of washing out the pot I used yesterday, I decided to go another route instead. Especially when I realized that I’d have to wait for the oatmeal to cook, and this yummy plate could be ready in less than 5 minutes.

One of the tricks that I have learned keeping a gluten free, vegan kitchen is that you always have to be prepared. What I mean by that is that helps to devote an hour or so each week to preparing some staples that will get you through the times in the week when you don’t feel like cooking. For example, at least once a week I will saute up some onions and peppers, and whatever other random veggies I find in the fridge, so that I can make impromptu fajita burritos at any time. I actually have a burrito shelf in my fridge, where I keep gluten free brown rice tortillas and plastic bins of random fixins: seasoned beans, sliced veggies (cooked and raw), mayo (vegan), sour cream (vegan), cooked brown rice, quinoa, etc. When the mood hits I can whip up a yummy burrito or burrito bowl in just a minute or two.

The same rule applies to snacks. For this week’s snack, I decided I wanted bread and butter. Well, dark chocolate almond butter that is. Since finding gluten free bread made without eggs or dairy is almost impossible, I decided to buy a bag of Bob’s Red Mill GF Hearty Whole Grain Bread Mix and make it using Ener-G Egg Replacer instead of the eggs. I don’t generally like this mix because they use cocoa to give it the dark brown color and I can taste it in it. It tastes great, but not something I’d want to make a sandwich with. The texture is awesome though, crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the center. It’s actually less dense than most whole grain breads! I baked the loaf yesterday, and I promise, if you follow the simple instructions on the bag (like, 3 steps), you too can bake this bread! I wanted to make mine even more whole grain, so I added about 2/3 cup of hulled hemp seeds to the batter, then sprinkled more on top right before I put the pan in the oven.

The almond butter was pretty easy to make too. Just put a couple of cups of almonds in a food processor and turn that baby on! After 10-15 minutes of blending (stopping to scrape down the bowl as needed), you’ll have creamy almond butter! I melted a dark chocolate bar and adding to mine along with about a teaspoon of sea salt. (I love the chocolate, salt, almond combo!) Store it in the fridge and it gets pretty thick and creamy,  like Nuetella.

To get back to Julie’s question, what is a simple, high protein, eggless breakfast idea? My answer (for today):

Whole Grain Hemp Bread w/ Almond Butter & Bananas

Take 1 thick slice of whole grain hemp bread and toast on both sides. Spread dark chocolate almond butter on top. The heat from the bread will make it all yummy and gooey. 🙂 Slice 1/2 of a small banana and layer slices on top of toast. Sprinkle with ground flax seed for extra healthy omegas and protein.

You’re welcome.