Yep, still winter.// remix #6

See these pics? These were painful. It know, I know, but it’s so sunny! Yeah, well, it’s also windy as all get out. It doesn’t help I guess that I’m basically wearing a t-shirt, a thin sweater, and no pants. I guess I let the sunshine get the better of me while getting dressed today.

I’m a little nervous about my outfit choice for today. See, this is one of my safeties, a remix ringer you may say. I’ve been wearing this tunic & tights get-up about once a week so I would have an outfit to pull out of my pocket on one of those really hard days when style and/or time has escaped me. I wore it today though just because I wanted to. A waste of a safety, but a fun outfit nonetheless.

My headscarf today was a gift from my wonderful friend Rachel that I visited in Athens yesterday. She handed me two little paper bags of handmade goodies when I was leaving last night, and when I got home and looked inside I was in awe of my new treasures. I love this scarf, especially the button details. She also gave me the quilted flower pin on my sweater, an embroidered┬át-shirt that I can’t wait to wear (in 25 more days), and a few other tiny little gift. I love having crafty friends!! I’m not sure if her Etsy store is open right now, if I find out that it is I’ll come back and add the link here. She’s also a talented artist; if you’re in the Athens area, she currently has some awesome classic country music inspired paintings on exhibit at Dog Ear Books on W. Clayton St, you should go check it out!

Even though I’m not wearing anything vintage today, I’m proud of how special this little thrift store outfit turned out with just a little added touch of handmade love. No pants and all.