Mommie Doggie Sick Day// Remix #2

Keeping with yesterday’s theme, this apparently is what you wear when you spend the day in bed, and by in bed, I mean on the floor.

If I seemed a little distracted in yesterday’s post, it’s because I was beginning to freak out a little while writing it. My beloved dog Annie had suddenly started acting very strange, walking funny, breathing heavy, not letting me touch her belly or back (her two favored places for petting). An emergency trip to the vet last night confirmed that she had hurt her little back being stupid yesterday. Luckily, it wasn’t too serious and she should recover after a few weeks of steroids and rest. However, it seems like as she gets older this will start to happen more and more, so I have to find a way to keep her stupidity in check (meaning making her less of a spastically cute daredevil).

About the time that we got home, I got her meds in her, and I started to calm down from the anxiety of the afternoon, I started to feel a twinge in my own back. I decided to move my mattress onto the floor so that Annie could still sleep in the bed with me (she’s not supposed to be jumping). At some point during this endeavor, the twinge turned into a full on pain. I’ve had back problems since I was in college, but for the past 5 or 6 years they’ve gone away. I think my recent return to daily workouts has kicked in back into gear though, at least that’s how it felt while I was lying in total pain on my mattress on the floor last night.

With both momma and dog suffering from back woes, I decided to just make today an easy day. We’ve spent most of it curled up in blankets on our little cushioned island, me on my laptop and Annie asleep on her pain meds. I decided to pull my back brace out of storage for a little extra support as well, so I had to keep this extra (bulky) layer in mind when planning today’s outfit remix. Good thing it’s only day two, so I still had lots of options.

Welcome back my grey flannel leggings! What can I say, they’re old, stretched out, and even have a few tiny holes now, but they’re still warm and comfy and it’s still cold outside. Speaking of warm and comfy, this sweater is the best! It’s originally from Banana Republic (but thrifted for me) and was originally an oversized wrap sweater. I had to wash it after an extended time around a campfire one night, and luckily it shrank into a ballerina-style wrap that I think I like even more. It grows as I wear it, so by the end of this challenge who knows what it will look like.

The dress is another thrift store find of mine. It’s the only bubble skirt I own, and super stretchy and versatile. Plus it’s such a lovely eggplant color!

I hate that I’ve worn my boots twice already, but let’s face it, I normally wear them pretty much every day. Maybe tomorrow, back permitting, I’ll mix it up with some fun heels for a change.

I’ll leave you with a little peek into our den of comfort. I hate having a little sick baby, but as you can see, we’re back to belly rubs so I know we’re on the road back to health! 🙂


BTW, the clothes in the basket are clean. I sat them there thinking I may fold them since that's a chore that requires little strength, but my cat quickly claimed the basket as his bed. Who am I argue with him...