Technical Difficulties and a Holiday Sale!

Well folks, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. Not bad really, just not so good. Which do you want first? The not-so-good news? I like saving the best for last too.

Do to some technical difficulties I have been experiencing, there will not be a new yard sale collection up tomorrow. I know, its only the second week and I’m already falling behind. Let’s just say that my problems make it feel like I’m having a yard sale in my backyard where no one can see and the crazy lady down the street stole all my signs and pointed them to her own sale. Last weeks items will still be up for purchase though, and if I can work things out over the weekend I may add a few more fall finds early next week. I’ll let you know how that goes.

See now, that wasn’t so bad. Ready for the good news? Because I feel really bad about not having a new collection for you guys this week, I’m going to try to bribe your affections with an Etsy sale!

Click on image to start shopping now!

Shop anytime between now and 8am (EST) next Monday and save 25% of your entire purchase!! Enter coupon code THANKFUL2010 at checkout to get the savings. All items in the shop are eligible for discount, and you can use the coupon code as many times as you (or your friends) would like! To make it even a little more sweet, I’ll be adding new vintage items to the shop throughout the weekend, so check back often!