Better Get to Livin’

Motivated by Style Icon post earlier today, I decided to wear a Dolly-inspired outfit today. Too bad it was cold and rainy today; the first outfit I put on was way to chilly, plus the rain didn’t do much for my country girl big hair. I was pretty happy with the finished product anyway though.

To really go for the DP look, I decided to go totally glam and break out the false eyelashes. My natural lashes are pretty awesome so I’ve never really had a need for the fake ones, but I got a pair in a makeup set I bought a few weeks ago so I thought I’d do a practice run today. My plans for the afternoon consisted of visiting my two favorite 2 years olds (today was their birthday!) and their momma, the perfect test audience. The babies didn’t bat an eye (or cry in terror) and the bff didn’t even notice until I pointed it out, so I think it was a nice, subtle look. Now if I had worn my blond wig…

… just kidding. I don’t have a blond wig.


I tried this little scarf for a minute, but it just wasn't workin' for me.


I’m comfy in my pjs now (at 7pm), nestled on the couch by the fire, ready for a night of web work (and The Biggest Loser!). There are still several things left for my to-do list today, although I did manage to get both my Bloglovin feed issues and my domain name issues worked out. If you visit, you’ll now go straight to my Etsy shop (instead of the blank page its been stuck at for over a year now). Plus I got a new domain for this blog! The old address will still work too, but you can also now find it at! Time to go order some new Moo cards now, finally! Have a great night everyone!