Summertime Blues// Homemade Happy Hour

It’s 64 degrees today people. 64 and sunny. Days like today make me forget that we’re still in the throes of winter, and that it’s not quite time to pack away the sweaters and tights yet. Even though I know it will probably snow next week or something, for today, I’m going to kick back on the porch swing, close my eyes, and pretend that this winter is behind us. This drink will help my fantasy.

Summertime Blues

1 part Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon (I used 2 oz)

2 parts water

Juice of 1 lemon wedge

Combine in a lovely Mason jar over ice. Mmm… tastes like summer, right?

Note: This is most likely the only time you will ever hear me tell you to water down bourbon. Trust me, the stuff is wayyy too sweet on its own. Drinking it straight might  remind you of those summer nights that you’d rather forget, if you know what I mean.

Workin’ Hard (or Hardly Working)// Homemade Happy Hour

What better way to welcome us all back to work this gloomy Monday than with our next installment of Homemade Happy Hour!

In the spirit of our recent holiday for giving thanks, today I am thankful that I don’t have to leave my house. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy today; I have found ti can be far more tiring trying to run your own start up business, maintain a household, and search for a part-time job. So today’s HHH is a hard earned break for little ole’ me.

I call this baby Workin’ Hard (or Hardly Working) because you can choose which way you want to make it; the easy way, or the hard way. Today I chose the hard way. The main flavor ingrediant in this cocktail is pomegranate juice. You can take the easy way out and just buy a bottle of POM, no shame there. Or, you can be a total Betty Crocker bad-ass and get it fresh from a pomegranate!

I have recently discovered this lovely fruit and have decided that pomegranate seeds are the best thing ever. They’re not easy to get though! If you’ve ever cut open a pomegranate, you know what I’m talking about. My friend Julie clued me into the little trick of putting the seeds in a bowl of water to separate the pith from the seeds, which is a life saver. Still, I’ve never really managed to capture any of the juice that spurts out when you cut it open… until today. After scraping my seeds into a bowl, I realized that there was quite a bit of juice in there too. Before filling the bowl with water, I drained that lovely juice into a small cup, to save for later. It was exactly one shot glass worth of juice, so I knew just what to do with it!

Workin’ Hard (or Hardly Working)

1 part pomegranate juice

1 part vodka

Citrus flavored sparkling water

Mix juice and vodka together. Top off with sparkling water.

*** Note: My kitchen isn’t heated, so my drinks are always cold. I keep my mixers in the fridge, and some of my liquors in the freezer. Plus, I don’t like my beverages icy cold. I say all that to tell you that you may want to mix the juice and vodka with some ice in a shaker then strain into glass. Mine is cold enough for me poured straight  into the glass.

Cheers! Now time to pay some bills….

Homemade Happy Hour// Pure Joy

Welcome to the first installment of a new series I’m launching here on The Fainting Goat Blog, Homemade Happy Hour! I’ll be rolling out a few new series this week, and I’m so excited about each of them!

I am currently unemployed, so joining friends for happy hour after they get off work has lost some its fun for me. No money + no job + getting dressed and driving into town just to sit around and drink for an hour = not a lot of fun (and maybe the beginning signs of  an addiction). The up side of my situation though is that I don’t have to wait until 5pm for happy hour, I can make it whenever! 2pm martinis, 10 am screwdrivers, the sky is the limit! Well, ok, maybe the items in my liquor cabinet are, but you get the idea.

This is actually a tradition I started last winter, when I was still employed by “the man.” Now I didn’t drink during the day, but since my house is without heat, it was important for me to come home after work to get the heaters and fireplace cracking so that I could actually go to sleep in gentle warmth. Knowing the standard drinks that you can get in any bar are great, but it’s so much more fun when you create your own little cocktails!

** Sidebar: for those of you who don’t drink (or who are not legally able to do so yet), don’t let that stop you from enjoying your own homemade happy hours!! I didn’t drink alcohol until I was in my mid- 20’s, but had created many “signature” drinks and snacks by that time that were totally non-alcoholic and totally yummy. Homemade Happy Hour is not about “getting wasted”; it’s about carving out a little time in the day to sit and indulge in something that makes you happy.

OK, on to today’s drink! I call this Pure Joy. It has three simple ingredients and is perfect for cold rainy afternoons like today.

The mixers:

  • Silk Pure Almond milk, Vanilla (any vanilla almond milk will do though)
  • Godiva White Chocolate liqueur
  • Grand Marnier

Fill a mug with almond milk and microwave for about a minute, minute and a half. (You can also steam it if you wish. I do this sometimes, but mostly I’m lazy so the microwave wins.) Add Godiva liqueur to taste. I eyeball mine, I suggest starting small and see what you like. I like a couple of good sized glugs, but you can add too much! If you can taste the alcohol, you’ve gone too far. Add just a splash of the Grand Marnier. Stir, then microwave for another 30 seconds or so. Now go grab a blanket and a good book and enjoy!