Song of the Day//4.26.11

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, I’ve got a lot to catch you up on! I started a new job (more about that later) and it has taken a bit of work to try and get everything balanced again. So to ease back into the blogging habit, I thought I’d share a song I heard and fell in love with last week. (That, and I ran out of time on my lunch break to do a proper post because I decided to go on a hunt for discounted Easter candy instead.)

I’ve been a fan of Miranda Lambert and Ashley Munroe for a while now, so I can’t wait to hear more from this group as they grow! They are called Pistol Annie, and they are amazing! Enjoy!

Artists I Love// Andrew Belle

It’s been a while since I’ve shared another Artists I Love post with you guys. Today’s artist is what I call a sleeper surprise in my iTunes library. What I mean by that is that I forget how much I love them until they pop up in a mix or shuffle one day and suddenly I’m reminded of why I added them in the first place– because they are awesome! So without further ado, this week’s Artist I Love is Andrew Belle!

Genre: Pop/Indie

How we met: Like many of the artists I’ve shared before, I first heard Andrew Belle on tour with the Ten Out of Tenn project. His simple sound reminded me of an Amos Lee meets Iron & Wine sound and I was immediately a fan. I later downloaded his EP All The Pretty Lights and listened to those 5 tracks over and over and over…

Sit, stand or dance: Sit and listen or stand and sway. Great iPod music for contemplative nature walking (which is what I call those days when I need to exercise but don’t really feel like exerting myself).

Favorite songs:

1) Static Waves-

2) All Those Pretty Lights-

3) The Ladder-

Favorite video:

Static Waves… ok, so this is the same song as above, but the video is cool, and it features Katie Herzig singing back up (another of my faves!)

Buy the album: Like I said, the EP All the Pretty Lights is great, so definitely grab it. You can also get his new debut full length album The Ladder now, it’s awesome as well. And for the next couple of days you can download it for FREE on Noisetrade! If you’ve never visited Noisetrade before, you should definitely check it out! Lots of great indie and up and coming artists share their music with the world there, and you can get it for free just by recommending the artists to your friends (you can also leave tips for the artists as well). It’s free until midnight on Friday, so now you have no excuse to go grab The Ladder today! I’ve been listening to it all morning while fighting with my internet connection, and I must say it has probably kept me from throwing my laptop across the room a time or two now. (That’s a thumbs up review, in case you were wondering.)

Artists I Love: The Weepies// The List

Hello! Hope you’re all having a lovely Monday so far. Today I give you number three on my list of Artists That I Love… The Weepies!




Genre: Pop acoustic rock

How we met: I really can’t remember how I first came across this duo. Maybe on emusic? Maybe through MySpace? It’s been several years since I first heard one of their songs, and I’ve been in love with them ever since. I finally saw them in concert for the first time a few weeks ago. They haven’t toured much in years. I saw them play at The Variety Playhouse in Little Five. It’s a pretty decent size venue, and the place was packed! Most artists that I love tend to do better in small, intimate venues, but The Weepies definitely held their own that night!

Sit, stand or dance: We sat, but you could most certainly dance to most of their stuff too!

Buy the album?: The have four, plus a live EP that you can get on iTunes. I recommend them all! Each album I bought initially for one or two songs, but over time I’ve come to love every single song! They have such a delicate and whimsical sound with such beautiful lyrics!

Favorite songs:

1) Nobody Knows Me

2) Somebody Loved

3)Painting By Chagall

(Not a lot of good YouTube videos for The Weepies. I recommend just going to their website,, and listening to their music there.)

Favorite video:

World Spins Madly On




Artists I Love: Griffin House// The List

Ready for #2 on my list of 12 artists I have loved this year? Ladies & gentlemen, I introduce to you Mr. Griffin House!



Genre: Rock/folk

How we met: (Technically, we have never “met”, but it sounds better for a title than How I First Discovered His Music, or How I Wound Up Unintentionally Seeing Him Perform. My friend met him though when she worked at his merch table once, and she can attest that he’s very friendly & nice in person.)

I first saw Griffin House when he was opening for Mat Kearney a few years ago. I saw them play at The Roxy, which is a standing room only venue. We got there early and had a front row spot for the opening act. He played an acoustic set with one other guy accompanying him on guitar as well. I was seriously impressed! So much so that I actually enjoyed his set better than I did Mat Kearney’s. Nothing against Mat Kearney though; it was more the crowd I was standing in than the performance. Right before he went on, a gaggle of sorority girls came and stood in front of us. They kept spilling their beers, then squeezing by to buy more, and I swear I watched the two directly in front of me douse themselves in perfume right before he walked out. Griffin won me over when he asked the crowd to stop talking when he played one of his more serious songs. (I had been wanting to tell them to shut up for a while.)

Since then, I have seen him play live more times than I can remember. He did a round (or two?) with the Ten out of Tenn group, plus I’ve seen him solo a few times at Eddie’s Attic and once at Smith’s Old Bar. Every show was great in its own way, I haven’t been disappointed yet! I’ve introduced several of my friends to his music as well and they are now all fans as well. Wait! I did meet him once! I just remembered. It was after one of his shows. My friend who I mentioned earlier wanted to say hi after a show at Eddie’s so I went with her. I remember because I bought her the tickets that night for her birthday present. He was nice, and remembered my friend. Not a diva at all. 😉

Sit, stand, or dance: Sit or dance, it depends on the venue. Once during a show at Eddie’s, he made everyone get up and dance at one point. Although, during another one of his shows there one of my friends got up and started dancing by herself… it was pretty awkward. If you’re standing while he plays, you’ll be dancing at some point!

Buy the album?: Of course! He’s got several, although some are re-releases of the same songs. My favorites are the House of David EP’s and Homecoming. I would recommend browsing his music on his MySpace site or lastfm and figure out which one you like best to start. His sound varies slightly between albums; some are a little more country or folk, others more rock. I honestly haven’t listened to all of his newest release yet, so I can’t say much about it. I like what I’ve heard of it though.

Favorite songs:

1) The Guy That Says Goodbye to You is Out of His Mind

2) The Way I Was Made

3)Only Love Remains

Favorite video:

I Remember (It’s Happening Again)

This is really my favorite song, but since I love the video for it too I thought I’d put it here instead. He wrote the song about his grandfather, and this video reminds me of my great-grandfather. He lived with my family and would often just randomly break off into stories about his time in WWII. Good memories.

It’s hard to really capture how great of a musical artist he is with just a few videos, but hopefully this gives you enough of a taste that you’ll go get more of his music on your own. It doesn’t look like he’s currently touring, but if you hear his name playing near you in the future, go! You won’t regret it!


photo by Martin Dam Kristensen, Source:



Artists I Love: The Civil Wars// The List

I’m so excited to share with you guys the first of twelve artists that I have loved this year, The Civil Wars!

If you’ve been around me for long at all you know how much I love this duo. They’ve been performing together for just over a year, and I’ve already seen them 4 times! Every time I’ve taken at least two friends, and every one of them has left as in love with them as I am!

Genre: Folk/acoustic/Americana

How I heard of them: Joy Williams (the girl) has been performing as a solo artist for years. I saw her play a show here in Atlanta about a year ago with a group of other artists from Nashville, called Ten out of Tenn. Actually, I met her before the show in the ladies’ room before I knew she was performing that night. She commented on how pretty my tattoo was while I was washing my hands, and so we chatted a bit about tattoos. When I got back to my table, I told my friend that I had just met the nicest girl in the bathroom. When she walked up on the stage a few minutes later, I had to laugh!

Anyway, I was pretty impressed with her performance that night. When I looked her up online when I got home, I discovered that she had just started performing with this guy John Paul White as The Civil Wars. I downloaded their live album and absolutely fell in love! I swear I think I listened to it in my car non-stop for at least a month.

Dance, sit, or stand: Sit. This is group you will want to listen to. Amazing vocals like these are best appreciated sitting down.

Buy the cd?: Yes!… when it comes out in February. In the meantime, they have a 4 song EP you can purchase on iTunes. They also have a full length live recording that you can download for free here. This was recorded here in Atlanta at Eddie’s Attic (which just so happens to be my favorite venue for live music). If that wasn’t enough free music, they just added two Christmas songs for download on their MySpace page as well.

Favorite song: This is a tough one… I like so many of them! How about I pick my top three instead?

1) If I Didn’t Know Better

2) Barton Hollow

3) Falling

Favorite video: Poison & Wine

There are tons of YouTube videos of The Civil Wars performing, I could sit here and link to them all day!

They will be playing some shows out on the West Coast in December, so all of my California readers should go check them out! I seriously considered flying out to LA to visit my old roommate in a few weeks just so I could take her to their Hotel Cafe show, but then I reminded myself that I’m unemployed and broke, so probably not the best idea for my pocketbook right now.