Coco’ Mojito// Homemade Happy Hour

OK, so I know that since I’m a legitimate member of the working class again, I can’t really break for a cocktail whenever I feel like it anymore. That doesn’t mean that I can’t still enjoy them on the other 3 days of the week though!

Today’s Homemade Happy Hour selection is my official poolside beverage for the Summer of 2011. Actually, since summer is a few weeks away still, let’s call this my official poolside beverage for the Spring of 2011. That way I can pick another favorite in a few weeks.

Coco’ Mojito

In a cocktail shaker, combine 1 tsp. raw sugar, 2-5 lime segments (about 1/3 small lime) and about 5 fresh mint leaves. Muddle (mash together) with a wooden spoon. Add to the mixture 3-4 oz. coconut rum, 1-2 oz pina colada mix, and a few ice cubes. Cover and shake shake shake. Top off with a splash of club soda and gently mix for a second. Strain into a big tall glass of ice. (I like to add the crushed mint leaves to the glass too, but I feel like the limes just take up too much precious drink room in my glass.)

The Dress Code

I think I briefly mentioned that I started a new job a few weeks ago. Now 4 days a week I get to dress up again for purposes other than taking pictures for you lovely folks (not that you’re not worth it). The good news is that I’ve worked in this office before, so everyone already knows me and appreciates my unique sense of style. ┬áIt’s a “professional” office environment, but the dress code is still pretty business casual. I definitely overdress everyday, but what can I say, I like clothes.

The bad news is that when I work, I work very long days. Tonight I got home just in time to snatch a few outfit pics before the sun went down… and before I poured myself a big glass of wine, kicked off my shoes, and chilled on my front porch for a while.

Song of the Day//4.26.11

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, I’ve got a lot to catch you up on! I started a new job (more about that later) and it has taken a bit of work to try and get everything balanced again. So to ease back into the blogging habit, I thought I’d share a song I heard and fell in love with last week. (That, and I ran out of time on my lunch break to do a proper post because I decided to go on a hunt for discounted Easter candy instead.)

I’ve been a fan of Miranda Lambert and Ashley Munroe for a while now, so I can’t wait to hear more from this group as they grow! They are called Pistol Annie, and they are amazing! Enjoy!

hand me downs & the best of friends

I have the most wonderful friend named Julie. She has the most amazing twins daughters that I love to visit. Next to her children, what I love most about Julie is her awesome sense of style. She wears the cutest little outfits. Up until recently, she also had a lovely little habit of buying vintage clothes without trying them on first. It pays to be close friends with someone relatively close to your size with this habit, i.e. lots of hand-me downs. Enter this dress.

I love this dress. I wore it for the first time today, but you can bet it will be a staple in my warm weather wardrobe. It and my other 50+ amazing sundresses. Oh, the choices…


Project ReStyle #7: Royal Blue Grecian Gown

I’m back in the ReStyling game! After a few weeks off, I thought it was about time to get back into the Project ReStyle gang and share a new project with you. I may have missed a few weeks there, but I have every intention of catching up and have 52 new projects before 2011 is over.

This week’s ReStyle is one of my restyled formal dresses that I made for the charity fashion show I participated in earlier this month. Originally, this dress was a shapeless, bland plus size gown that a church lady or grandma would wear. Now it’s a fun Grecian inspired gown that a plus size (or not so plus size) lady can wear on a hot night on the town!

Click image to view Etsy listing

First, I removed all decorative buttons and baubles from the dress. I removed the original long sleeves and transformed them into robe gathered shoulder ties that drape elegantly on the backside for an extra bit of back arm coverage. I also separated the top layer of fabric up the back seam to better accommodate the overall flow. After adding a simple gold lame rope belt, the transformation was complete! Originally a size 30 dress, now even a size 6/8 like myself can rock this look!


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