Fresh Face

This post has been a long time coming.

(which goes without saying considering it’s been about a year since my last post.)

A lot has changed in my day-to-day life. I leave my house every morning and go to a job that I love. A job where someone else signs my paycheck and I am thankful for that. A job that gives me the freedom to grow and develop as a professional, as a leader, as a person. A job that lets me pay all my bills at one time each month and have enough left over to enjoy life a little more.

A lot is still the same. I’m still me, beauty marks and all.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you may notice things look a little different around here. When I decided it was time to start writing again, the first thing I did was simplify the look of this site. No more links to other blogs, no fancy headers.

To be honest, I got a little burnt out on the blog world. It began to feel like everyone was saying the same thing. As soon as one original idea popped up on a blog somewhere, the next time a dozen other blogs were talking about the same thing. The more I read, the more it all started to sound like white noise to me.  I began to wonder if my voice was just contributing to that noise. So I stopped blogging.

In my silence, I was hoping to find my true voice again. I wasn’t sure if that voice would belong in the blog world. I’m still not.

I want to start writing again though. I want to start taking photos again of things that I love, things that inspire me. I want to have a place to process my world, to put lines around the things I touch each day. If this inspires or entertains someone else, wonderful. If not, that’s fine too. This is for me.

I ask that you bear with me for a while. I’ll be trying some new things here until I figure out what fits. Things may get a little more deep than what color shoes I’m wearing today. Or I may just start posting pictures of my adorable dogs all the time. The design aspect of the site will evolve over time, when it feels right.

I’m excited to see where this goes. And by finally posting this, I’m committing to myself that it is going to go somewhere, which is pretty exciting too.






Coco’ Mojito// Homemade Happy Hour

OK, so I know that since I’m a legitimate member of the working class again, I can’t really break for a cocktail whenever I feel like it anymore. That doesn’t mean that I can’t still enjoy them on the other 3 days of the week though!

Today’s Homemade Happy Hour selection is my official poolside beverage for the Summer of 2011. Actually, since summer is a few weeks away still, let’s call this my official poolside beverage for the Spring of 2011. That way I can pick another favorite in a few weeks.

Coco’ Mojito

In a cocktail shaker, combine 1 tsp. raw sugar, 2-5 lime segments (about 1/3 small lime) and about 5 fresh mint leaves. Muddle (mash together) with a wooden spoon. Add to the mixture 3-4 oz. coconut rum, 1-2 oz pina colada mix, and a few ice cubes. Cover and shake shake shake. Top off with a splash of club soda and gently mix for a second. Strain into a big tall glass of ice. (I like to add the crushed mint leaves to the glass too, but I feel like the limes just take up too much precious drink room in my glass.)

yesterday’s clothes// remix #24

I could also title this post “the outfit that wouldn’t post.” I tried posting it while I was at Starbuck’s working this morning, thinking that I could save time uploading the pics while I had a faster internet connection, but it kept stalling out. It wouldn’t post yesterday because I was too busy painting, sanding, painting, sanding, painting, distressing, and staining my new clothes rack lovingly built by my wonderful father. I needed a few racks for my new “shop,” and since I had a few metal poles left over from our last place he offered to build me a stand out of some extra wood he had handy. I jokingly sent him this picture a few days later of an awesome one I found on Etsy:

It had already sold, and was in Philadelphia, so no way for me to get that one (unless I moved to Philly… I hear it’s always sunny there…) but I thought it would be funny to send it to him along with my order and anticipated delivery date. Again, I was totally joking, but he built it anyway! Here’s the finished product:

Incredible, right? He’s making me another one, but we both wizened up and decided to used old porch posts for it (already painted, naturally distressed, and partially assembled). I’ll share pics of it when I finish setting up my space next week.

So in all honesty, I didn’t wear this outfit too long. For one, the sweater was way too hot for the 70 degree temps we’ve had here. Two, I changed into my painting clothes for what I thought would be an hour or two and wound up wearing them (and painting) all afternoon. Still, it’s a remix, so it counts. 🙂

Got to run now and get back to sewing. I’ve still got several formal dresses to finish up before the big fashion show on Saturday (more about that later). Hopefully I’ll be able to get back and share today’s outfit later tonight, but if not, there’s always tomorrow, right?

and then there was sun// remix #3

Hi there. I’m back. What can I say, this week has been a doozie. In between emergency vet trips, fights with various internet service providers, and somehow managing to strain both my back and my left ankle (separate incidences), there has been a little more drama in my life than I care to handle. (Did I mention I also fell of a stool while trying to photograph my 30 items? I thought my first photography related injury would have occurred in front of the camera, not behind it.) So yesterday I took a day off. Sometimes when my body reaches it’s breaking point and demands hibernation, I just give in. The important thing is that I always do it in the form of a deal. Such as, we can stay in bed with the curtains drawn watching multiple seasons of (insert random television show here) today, but tomorrow it’s back to life. Keeping to my word, today I got back to life, meaning I got dressed and took pictures of myself.

It’s been rainy and cold all week, but today the sun came out. The ground was still wet and mucky though, so my heels kept sinking in if I stood in one place for too long. The temperature was warm enough that I could pull off this dress without a sweater.

This dress was originally from Target, but I found it at the Goodwill while it was still being sold in Target! I thought it was black when I bought it, but then I got it home and noticed that it’s actually dark brown. I love the hot pink and orange details. These are two colors that I don’t wear a lot of, so I’m glad to have a way in include them in my wardrobe in small doses.

I’m a little concerned about how many ways I can remix this dress. I’ve got one or two more ideas to try but then I’m at a loss. Hopefully I can come up with something interesting and awesome, it’s a great dress that I can pretty much wear year round… and for less than $6, what more can a girl ask for?

Snow!!!… (and a whole bunch of ice.)

I heard today that all of the 50 US states except for Florida currently have snow on the ground. Crazy! Here in Atlanta, we were hit by a pretty big storm on Sunday night, dumping 3″-8″ of pretty powdery snow all around the city and another good 1/2″ of solid ice on top of it all. Monday was sooo much fun to play in! Tuesday was pretty cool too. Now that we’re on Wednesday and people all over the city are still trapped in their homes due to the ice-covered roads…. not so much fun anymore.


I have chosen to make the best of this time by playing outside like a little kid… a lot! Lucky for me, my 10-year-old nephew lives next door, so I have a real kid that I can play with. We’ve sled down hills on plastic bin lids, had snow ball fights, and built a few snowmen (my favorite snow activity!!).

I’m sooo glad that I bought my new camera last week! It’s been fun testing it out this week, especially trying to take night shots of the snow coming down on Sunday. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the week:

Night shot, no flash!



Snowman #1

I thought the grass in mouth was a nice touch.


Annie loved the snow! Who knew that you could play fetch with snowballs?!

I took a turn on the sled... and have the bruises on my hips to prove it!

But I definitely wasn't brave enough to go head first!

Tuesday's snowman... cabin fever must have set in.

By Wednesday, the snowmen were starting to make themselves at home.

Truth be told, I’m a little over the cold stuff too. It’s been so cold lately, the snow is starting to turn to even more ice which makes it not as much fun to play in. Plus the makeup I ordered from Sephora for my weight loss reward last week is stranded somewhere in Tennessee. I’m going to try and break out tomorrow if possible, just to run to the grocery store. Or maybe I’ll just spend another day sitting by the fire with a hot cup of tea. 🙂