I love this song, love Patsy, and love, love, love her look in this video! I wish I could see what color her dress was. Hmmm… you may be seeing a Patsy Cline Style Icon post in the near future!


Interior by Dorothy Parker

Her mind lives in a quiet room,
A narrow room, and tall,
With pretty lamps to quench the gloom
And mottoes on the wall.

There all the things are waxen neat
And set in decorous lines;
And there are posies, round and sweet,
And little, straightened vines.

Her mind lives tidily, apart
From cold and noise and pain,
And bolts the door against her heart,
Out wailing in the rain.

Making space for the small things

This past weekend, my lovely friend Kristin came over and did a little modeling for me so that I could have pictures to list some of my small and extra small items in The Fainting Goat’s Etsy shop. We had so much fun! I had forgotten how it feels to just be behind the camera for a day and not have to worry about how my own hair looks. I can’t wait to get these awesome pieces listed so that you smaller ladies can shop too! I’ll be adding pieces over the next few weeks, but in the meantime here are a few behind the scenes shots from the shoot. (I’ll think you’ll be able to tell how much fun we were having!)

The wind kept blowing the backdrop up. I love Kristin's " Wind, you best go home" look in this pic.

This outfit looked adorable on Kristin, but was SOOOO not her own personal style! I kept laughing whenever I looked at her!

She even made this Jersey Shore/Sopranos wedding dress look amazing!

Coco’ Mojito// Homemade Happy Hour

OK, so I know that since I’m a legitimate member of the working class again, I can’t really break for a cocktail whenever I feel like it anymore. That doesn’t mean that I can’t still enjoy them on the other 3 days of the week though!

Today’s Homemade Happy Hour selection is my official poolside beverage for the Summer of 2011. Actually, since summer is a few weeks away still, let’s call this my official poolside beverage for the Spring of 2011. That way I can pick another favorite in a few weeks.

Coco’ Mojito

In a cocktail shaker, combine 1 tsp. raw sugar, 2-5 lime segments (about 1/3 small lime) and about 5 fresh mint leaves. Muddle (mash together) with a wooden spoon. Add to the mixture 3-4 oz. coconut rum, 1-2 oz pina colada mix, and a few ice cubes. Cover and shake shake shake. Top off with a splash of club soda and gently mix for a second. Strain into a big tall glass of ice. (I like to add the crushed mint leaves to the glass too, but I feel like the limes just take up too much precious drink room in my glass.)