Mrs. Roper must have stayed out of the kitchen

Oh Goodwill dresses, how I love you so.

Have I mentioned how excited I am to finally get the chance to wear some of the amazing sundresses I picked up thrifting over the winter? Oh, I have? And I’ve posted pictures? Well, I am and here’s another favorite!

This is a lovely vintage Hawaiian muumuu. Wow, that sounds like I’m writing an Etsy description! You can guess what I’ve been doing today. That, and having a yard sale, which basically means sitting out in the sunny but windy weather and listen to people tell me they will run home to get cash and then be right back. Funny how they always seem to get lost on the way back. Maybe the banks are all out of cash today.

I wore this dress for the first time on Tuesday. Everything was working nicely until I went into the kitchen to cook myself some lunch. As I started sauteing some veggies on the stove, I quickly realized how much of a fire hazard those sleeves are. Now I see the real reason behind that whole women’s lib thing in the 70’s. Who needs food when you can have fashion?


One thought on “Mrs. Roper must have stayed out of the kitchen

  1. I love this dress…my husband would say it would be exactly my style, because he would hate it. If he thinks it’s ugly, he knows I will love it. Simply beautiful!

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