Things I Love (& already have!)

Hello all!

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately. That seems to be a reoccurring theme whenever I finish a 30 for 30 Challenge. It didn’t help that I was hit with a serious cold/flu bug last week and pretty much slept 24/7. This week, I have no excuses, unless I just never seemed to get around to it counts as a valid excuse.

So to break the silence, I thought I would share a quick little Things I Love (& already have!) post. I’ve been collecting these photos for a few weeks now and I figured that even though it’s not much, it’s definitely enough to share!

1. Free Magazines!

On a recent purchase, I saw a code to enter for a free year subscription to Vogue magazine. It was a few days past the expiration date, but I entered it anyway. I didn’t hear anything for a while, then one day I was surprised with my first issue in the mail! I’ve gotten two now, and I love being able to peruse all the wonderful fashions at my leisure. I’m a huge magazine fan but have had to let all my subscriptions lapse due to budget cuts so this is great!

I also got a free one year subscription to Women’s Health from a workout thing I bought, but it’s only good for online viewing, which with my internet service isn’t a fun task. Still, free is free, right?!

2. First blooms!

These first signs of spring always make me sooo happy! Bye bye winter!

Which leads me to…

3. Cute dresses!

Click to view listing & purchase!

Click to view listing & purchase!


These are all from The Fainting Goat’s Spring & Formal Collections. I’m soo in love with how both of these lines came out, and I get so much joy from sharing them with the world! Don’t worry though, i kept several little gems for myself, so stay turned for some awesome spring outfit posts!

4. New pals

This little pink piggy joined our family a few weeks ago, and I’m proud to say that he still actually resembles a pig, even after being chewed, bit, and carried around in my Annie’s mouth. He pretty much goes wherever she goes now, which so incredibly cute!

That’s it for now! Time to go enjoy some yummy guacamole and a tasty margarita! Hope wherever you are your world is a bright and sunny as mine is today!


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