yesterday’s clothes// remix #24

I could also title this post “the outfit that wouldn’t post.” I tried posting it while I was at Starbuck’s working this morning, thinking that I could save time uploading the pics while I had a faster internet connection, but it kept stalling out. It wouldn’t post yesterday because I was too busy painting, sanding, painting, sanding, painting, distressing, and staining my new clothes rack lovingly built by my wonderful father. I needed a few racks for my new “shop,” and since I had a few metal poles left over from our last place he offered to build me a stand out of some extra wood he had handy. I jokingly sent him this picture a few days later of an awesome one I found on Etsy:

It had already sold, and was in Philadelphia, so no way for me to get that one (unless I moved to Philly… I hear it’s always sunny there…) but I thought it would be funny to send it to him along with my order and anticipated delivery date. Again, I was totally joking, but he built it anyway! Here’s the finished product:

Incredible, right? He’s making me another one, but we both wizened up and decided to used old porch posts for it (already painted, naturally distressed, and partially assembled). I’ll share pics of it when I finish setting up my space next week.

So in all honesty, I didn’t wear this outfit too long. For one, the sweater was way too hot for the 70 degree temps we’ve had here. Two, I changed into my painting clothes for what I thought would be an hour or two and wound up wearing them (and painting) all afternoon. Still, it’s a remix, so it counts. 🙂

Got to run now and get back to sewing. I’ve still got several formal dresses to finish up before the big fashion show on Saturday (more about that later). Hopefully I’ll be able to get back and share today’s outfit later tonight, but if not, there’s always tomorrow, right?


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