the day that broke the shop girl’s back// remix #25

Since it was a lovely 70 degrees out today, I decide to wear the lightest item in my remix possible. With these sleeves up, this dress was perfect. When I was deciding which belt to wear with it, I remembered that I actually had the tie that it came with, so I wore it. I think this is the first time I’ve done that. So I guess I’m remixing it by wearing it the way it came… how about that!

I decided also to stay on the pavement of my driveway while taking these pics. I’m exhausted and just couldn’t handle walking around the sort dirt in these stiletto heels. It was a good thing too, because while I was posing for a pic I suddenly had shooting pains go up my back. Not the kind you get when you know you did something wrong, but more subtle, like a slight tremor of ache. I have not been very good to my body lately, lots of staring at a computer or hunched over a sewing machine, not to mention hauling around racks of clothing. I noticed when editing the pictures I took earlier this week for my spring collection that I could use a serious spine adjustment. Either that or a few weeks of some Bikram classes and a nice long massage. For now though I’ll have to settle for a nice little bubble bath… then back to work for me.


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