Project ReStyle #7: Royal Blue Grecian Gown

I’m back in the ReStyling game! After a few weeks off, I thought it was about time to get back into the Project ReStyle gang and share a new project with you. I may have missed a few weeks there, but I have every intention of catching up and have 52 new projects before 2011 is over.

This week’s ReStyle is one of my restyled formal dresses that I made for the charity fashion show I participated in earlier this month. Originally, this dress was a shapeless, bland plus size gown that a church lady or grandma would wear. Now it’s a fun Grecian inspired gown that a plus size (or not so plus size) lady can wear on a hot night on the town!

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First, I removed all decorative buttons and baubles from the dress. I removed the original long sleeves and transformed them into robe gathered shoulder ties that drape elegantly on the backside for an extra bit of back arm coverage. I also separated the top layer of fabric up the back seam to better accommodate the overall flow. After adding a simple gold lame rope belt, the transformation was complete! Originally a size 30 dress, now even a size 6/8 like myself can rock this look!


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Mrs. Roper must have stayed out of the kitchen

Oh Goodwill dresses, how I love you so.

Have I mentioned how excited I am to finally get the chance to wear some of the amazing sundresses I picked up thrifting over the winter? Oh, I have? And I’ve posted pictures? Well, I am and here’s another favorite!

This is a lovely vintage Hawaiian muumuu. Wow, that sounds like I’m writing an Etsy description! You can guess what I’ve been doing today. That, and having a yard sale, which basically means sitting out in the sunny but windy weather and listen to people tell me they will run home to get cash and then be right back. Funny how they always seem to get lost on the way back. Maybe the banks are all out of cash today.

I wore this dress for the first time on Tuesday. Everything was working nicely until I went into the kitchen to cook myself some lunch. As I started sauteing some veggies on the stove, I quickly realized how much of a fire hazard those sleeves are. Now I see the real reason behind that whole women’s lib thing in the 70’s. Who needs food when you can have fashion?

Midnight Moonlight

Not only was there a full moon on Saturday, it was a Super Moon. I just happened to check one of my favorite blogs/shops, Lune Vintage, late in the afternoon and saw her post about it. As soon as I did, I knew what my plans would be that evening!

I went out at sundown, when it was supposed to be visible, but no luck from my longitude/latitude. So I went back in, cocktail in hand, and popped in a movie (Greenburg… I give it 3 stars).

About an hour later I went out checked again and bingo, we had a full moon. My camera and I stayed out for a while, snapping some shots and testing out different settings. Then I went back inside to Ben Stiller.

Around 11pm, I moved my little party back outside, and this time I brought my monster telescope. There is something so cool about seeing the moon up close! If you’ve never done it, you should add that to your bucket list.

I also brought my camera tripod and remote and snapped a few “outfit” posts while I was at it. My awesome camera + tons of light from the full moon= awesome night shots! The only problem was that I had to stand absolutely still for 20-30 seconds while the shutter was open, which obviously I cannot do, especially after a few cocktails. Still, I was very impressed with how my “moonbathing” shots turned out!

No flash or exterior lighting!!

Hello, summer dresses! It was very warm in GA on Saturday so I broke out another one of my new summer dresses that I picked up over the winter. This dress isn’t vintage, it’s by Baby Phat, but I did get it at the thrift store for $5! It’s practically new, no snags, stains, or tears, and the fabric isn’t even piled or pulled. Score! I love strapless maxi dresses. When I can find ones that fit, you better believe I wear the heck out of them!

Things I Love (& already have!)

Hello all!

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately. That seems to be a reoccurring theme whenever I finish a 30 for 30 Challenge. It didn’t help that I was hit with a serious cold/flu bug last week and pretty much slept 24/7. This week, I have no excuses, unless I just never seemed to get around to it counts as a valid excuse.

So to break the silence, I thought I would share a quick little Things I Love (& already have!) post. I’ve been collecting these photos for a few weeks now and I figured that even though it’s not much, it’s definitely enough to share!

1. Free Magazines!

On a recent purchase, I saw a code to enter for a free year subscription to Vogue magazine. It was a few days past the expiration date, but I entered it anyway. I didn’t hear anything for a while, then one day I was surprised with my first issue in the mail! I’ve gotten two now, and I love being able to peruse all the wonderful fashions at my leisure. I’m a huge magazine fan but have had to let all my subscriptions lapse due to budget cuts so this is great!

I also got a free one year subscription to Women’s Health from a workout thing I bought, but it’s only good for online viewing, which with my internet service isn’t a fun task. Still, free is free, right?!

2. First blooms!

These first signs of spring always make me sooo happy! Bye bye winter!

Which leads me to…

3. Cute dresses!

Click to view listing & purchase!

Click to view listing & purchase!


These are all from The Fainting Goat’s Spring & Formal Collections. I’m soo in love with how both of these lines came out, and I get so much joy from sharing them with the world! Don’t worry though, i kept several little gems for myself, so stay turned for some awesome spring outfit posts!

4. New pals

This little pink piggy joined our family a few weeks ago, and I’m proud to say that he still actually resembles a pig, even after being chewed, bit, and carried around in my Annie’s mouth. He pretty much goes wherever she goes now, which so incredibly cute!

That’s it for now! Time to go enjoy some yummy guacamole and a tasty margarita! Hope wherever you are your world is a bright and sunny as mine is today!

aaaaaannnddddd….. done!// remix #29 & #30

As promised earlier, I’m back with my final two remixes for this 30 for 30 winter challenge! I am sooo happy to be done! Not so much because I’m sick of my items like I was last time, but I’m sick of having to wear a photo worthy outfit every day! I work at home people! Part of the joy of that is NOT having to get dressed everyday if I don’t want to. Some days, when it’s just me in my studio sewing, sorting, tagging, or me hauling around my stacks of clothes in my car, I need my sweatpants. Nuf said.

And how about this is the last post for this challenge and I’m introducing a new item?! This shirt was unfortunately lost under a pile of clothing in my laundry room for the first half of the challenge and I totally forgot about it. It’s one of my favorite thrift store finds though so I’m happy that I was able to work it into the challenge, even if just this one time. There were actually several pieces that I only wore once this go round… most of my sweaters weren’t too well suited for the 70 degree weather we had the past few weeks, and apparently I really didn’t need 7 pairs of shoes.

It’s funny, photography wise I’m not nearly as proud of my pics this round as I was in the fall. Maybe it’s because I have a fancy new camera and tripod now so I expected better pictures, whereas before with my old Kodak and plant-stand-turned-tripod, I was just amazed that the pics came out at all. I had a few favorites this time, but not many. Maybe it’s also because I had loads more free time in the fall so I played around with backgrounds, lighting, poses etc. I’ve been so busy lately that I’m surprised I didn’t take all of my shots posed in front of the old Ford truck (which coincidently sits at the edge of my driveway, about 20 feet from my studio door).

All complaining aside, I do have to say that this remix challenge definitely felt more like an extension of my own true personal style. Last time, 80% of my items came from Target. This time, the only ones that I bought there were the shoes; everything else I got either from thrift stores or second-hand shops. A huge majority was also vintage. There isn’t a single outfit in this remix that I wouldn’t wear again, not were there any that I didn’t feel absolutely comfortable in. If I can take anything away from Remixing, it’s knowing that when I don’t feel like myself in an outfit, it’s time to take it off and keep trying until I do. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how fashionable or stylish I look if I can’t look in the mirror and see myself staring back.