From the desk of… // Remix #22

Yesterday, after weeks of begging and bargaining, I finally found someone generous enough to come over and help me move furniture so that I could finish setting up my studio. Thankfully my little brother hasn’t gotten sick of helping me move stuff yet (although yesterday may have been the tipping point though). Not only did he help me show an overstuffed loveseat through a sliding glass door that was about an inch too narrow for it to fit, he also helped me pick up this desk from the porch of some friends of our parents. I have been in desperate need of a real desk in my house to work from, and this beauty needed a new home, so it was a perfect match!

The desk was built in 1961 (its dated) and was originally used in a hospital. It’s so big! The top is bigger than my dining room table! Plus it has tons of drawer space, which I desperately need. The top coat of varnish could use a little touch up in places, but otherwise its in great condition. Once we got it in the truck, I realized that the front of it is actually peaked (it’s not a flat line), which meant that I couldn’t push it up against a wall. I think I like it better floating out like this anyway though. Now this is really starting to feel like a working office/studio!


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