Freebie// Remix #21


Another day, another new item in the mix. Two actually, the shirt and the shoes. To celebrate their entrance into the game, I decided to not really dress up yesterday, so that the focus could be entirely only the items themselves. That, and I was moving stuff yesterday and needed to wear pants. I call this outfit a freebie not because I pulled in items from outside the remix but because it felt kinda like cheating to put together a new outfit consisting of jeans and a tshirt.

I did manage to accessorize a bit though! The sunglasses were a fun touch, but I must confess I only put them on because it was ridiculously bright outside and I was in the beginning stages of a full on migraine at this point in the day. (This is what I wore yesterday, by the way. Still in my pjs today. ) The scarf also was worn out of necessity, not fashion savviness. You may have noticed I’ve been wearing a lot of these lately. Well, that’s because I am in much need of some root coverage in the hair department, which will thankfully be happening later today. When I went to get the dye yesterday, I found this color dye that I used a few years ago that can only be described as fuchsia red and I’m soo excited to have my hair that shade again.

Also on the agenda this weekend is a mini photo shoot for my new spring collection that will be debuting this week in my Etsy shop! I had hoped to get the pictures done earlier this week but some other tasks took precedent. At last count, my spring collection has over 60 items in it! I’m so happy with how it came together and can’t wait to share it with you! Here’s a little preview from some test shots I took yesterday. I was playing around with backdrops and lighting to find the perfect combo, and using some of my favorite new dresses for my test subjects!

Cute, eh? The floral dress has the cutest button covered snaps and the other dress is so incredibly soft! Both dresses will be available for purchase next week. Check back later to see the final products from the shoot!


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