The incredible shrinking skirt// Remix #19

As promised, here is today’s remix. Number 19, almost 2/3 of the way done and I still haven’t worn all of my items at least once! I had to get dressed in a hurry this morning to catch a huge sale, so no time for anything super creative today. Still, I felt quite stylishly cute while saving tons of money. (Not on myself, of course, only for the shop.)

Ok, in my defense, when I bought this American Eagle denim skirt at the thrift store a year or two ago, it sat about an inch or two lower on my hips. I was about 10 lbs. lighter at the time, and apparently that makes a huge difference in whether or not a skirt is an acceptable length for a 30 year old women to wear. Not that it’s TOO short now… it’s just a different kind of short. Like that kind that has you checking it all day long to make sure everything important is still covered.


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