Oops… did I forget to do that?// Remix #18

As I was uploading my outfit pics from this afternoon, I realized I never posted yesterdays! As soon as I finished taking them I ran off to have dinner and drinks with my old college roommates, with the intention of posting them when I got home. I didn’t take into account the shrimp & grits induced food coma that I had when I got home though, and so I pretty much passed out instead of blogging.


I promise I wasn't taking my shirt off in this post. I actually think I was pulling it back up.

Speaking of food, my dinner is ready now so I’m gonna go eat. I skipped breakfast, ate hashbrowns for a late lunch, and have been snacking on candy for the past hour or so, so I really need to get some good food in my belly. I’ll be back in a bit with today’s outfit post, plus some fun stories from my day. 🙂




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