the perfect storm// Remix #17

When I think about everything I have to do in the next two weeks, my eyes automatically start to roll back in my head, my stomach churns, and my lip begins to quiver. It’s crunch time for me, in a good way, with three big projects all coming due at the same time. My spring collection is set to debut next week, which means that everything has to be inventoried, measured, photographed and tagged. On March 5, several of my vintage and restyled dresses are being featured in a local prom fashion show, which is so VERY exciting! I’ve got about 40-45 vintage and restyled dresses in my formal wear collection right now, all of which also have to be inventoried, tagged, and oh yeah, completed by the night of the show (they’ll be for sale that night). And if those two projects weren’t enough, today I was offered a room in a local antique market to set up shop in! It’s a great space and is ready for me to move into, but that means a lot more sorting, organizing, tagging, and displaying for me. Sigh…

I can’t complain at all though, because I love, love, love doing this! I can’t wait to show you all the vintage formal dresses that I’ve restyled for the show, I’m so proud of how they are turning out. And my spring collection with all it’s pretty little floral patterns and pastel fabrics… so precious! And hello, finally having a place where people can walk in off the street and buy my clothes?! How awesome is that?!

However, because I am just one person with one laptop, something will have to give and I’m afraid it’s going to be the blog. I’ll still be posting my remixes daily, and maybe an extra one or two posts a week when I find time, but some of the more regular features will be put on hold for a few weeks until after the show. I’m also taking a little break from my Project ReStyle posts, but trust me, I’m definitely restyling! I’ll have to play catch up and show off the dresses I’ve been working on when they are all through.

Here’s what I wore today, nothing too special. I still have so several items that I haven’t worn in this remix yet, so I threw on this vintage¬†sweater and my hot pink heels to get them out there and into the mix.

Time to run now, gotta get back to doing inventory!


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