Ain’t No Reason// Remix #14

Today was a glorious summer day… wait, no it wasn’t. Still February (I checked) but the weather was glorious. Perfect for an outdoor shoot. Not that unperfect weather has stopped me before, but it’s nice to feel dressed appropriately when standing out in my front yard, awkwardly taking pictures of myself.

Speaking of  seasonal appropriate dress, I realized today that I don’t really know what that is. When I put on this sweater this morning, my first thought was that I would be too hot in a sweater. Even this thin little vintage one. Same with the skirt and tights… lace tights. When I walked outside though, I actually felt great! Not too warm, but not walking around with a chill either. That’s when it dawned on me that I don’t know how to dress myself. If the sun is out, I go straight for the tank top and flip-flops. Yes, Elizabeth, you CAN wear a sweater in the sunshine.

If you’ve just started following my remix outfits, you may have missed the extra challenge I gave myself this go round. All of my 30 items are either vintage or thrifted, except for the shoes which are all from Target. Today I’m all vintage. The sweet little sweater is so soft and cozy! The skirt has a great waistband that I’ll show you guys before this challenge is over, I’m sure.

Well, it’s been a busy day for me, so now it’s time to go relax with a nice hot bubble bath and a book. I started this habit of reading in the bath a few months ago, and I love it! Such a relaxing way to unwind from the day (and warm up during the winter when you live in an old house with sub-par heating).



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