things that I love (& already have)

I often run across blog posts that display items that the blogger loves/wants/covets/wishes for. While I’m guilty of a little coveting myself now and then, I thought why not blog about items that I love and already have?! It can be so easy in our culture to look out around us and point out the things we want like kids in a toy store, but in this economy, it can be more fun to look around and appreciate the things we already have. Since today is a day all about love, I thought what better time to share my first installment in my new series, Things that I love (& already have).


This guy.


Best lip gloss ever! Buxom in "Dolly." My treat for sticking to my workout plan in January.


Looks like my chicken's running low on toothpicks.


When you leave dead branches in a jar of water all winter, things start to grow!


My musical choice for bubble baths for the past week or so. I've got it on CD and vinyl... sounds so much better on vinyl.


This face.


And this face.


and especially this face. Love that little snaggle tooth!


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