i want you back// remix #12

Remix #12
Remember that Jackson 5 song “I Want You Back”? You know the one. Well, The Civil Wars do a hauntingly beautiful cover of it on their new album, which I listened to on repeat all day today. (not the song, the album.) It is that good, and I also did not feel like getting up and switching my iPod after it was over, so it played, and played, and played. Now that song is stuck in my head, quite possibly for eternity.
Remix #12
I spent this lovely Valentine’s Day working in my studio. I’ve got an event coming up in a couple of weeks for which I am reworking a bunch of vintage prom dresses. I worked mainly on three dresses today, and I’m happy to say that two of them are complete now. The third would be complete, except I once again over estimated my sewing skills and will now most likely have to pull out what I did today and start over. What is it they say about practice? Anyway, I love working in my new studio. I can leave the back door open so my pup can come and go as she pleases (the backyard is fenced in) and so that I can kinda feel like I’m working outside.
Remix #12
Speaking of my pup… last night I had another dream where I was on a sinking ship. Only this time, instead of a tugboat, it was a luxury yacht. I was on board with Lauren Graham (of The Gilmore Girls), Colin Firth and a bunch of ballerinas. As the boat started to go under, I was up on the top deck and realized I had enough time to go below and save one person. I started down, but then I saw my puppy and decided to save her instead. Sorry Lorelei.
Remix #12


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