not so lazy sunday// remix #11

I will confess, I almost took a day off from remixing today. My plans consisted mainly of working in my studio, and since some of those plans involved using bleach, i didn’t want to mess up any of my precious 30 items. Fortunately for you, I wound up having to run out on a quick errand, so I donned the most comfortable pieces I could think of and made a remix!

My back had been killing me today! I took off my brace long enough to take these pictures (NOT flattering!), plus I bought this new clay thermal pad that you strap around your waist while I was out today. It feels amazing on my back! Maybe between that, a bath, and a big glass of wine I’ll be able to relax tonight.

Not a lot to say about this outfit, except that I can’t believe how thin these leggings have got. I bought them last year and wore them by themselves to my bikram yoga classes all winter. No way I could wear them as pants now though!


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