#6: Simple Pin Cushion// Project ReStyle

For this week’s Project ReStyle, I transformed this random little brass pot I found in a cabinet a few weeks back into something that I really needed in my new studio- a pin cushion! This simple little project only took a few minutes to complete and you could pretty much use whatever little cup or pot you have on hand.

First I cleaned my pot with a little Brasso, just to make it shine a bit. Then I grabbed a handful of quilt batting. You can also use poly-fill, which would make for a softer cushion, but I was all out of that. Make a ball out of the stuffing of your choice.
Take a square piece of scrap fabric and wrap around stuffing ball. The size of fabric needed will depend on the size of container you use; mine was about 9″. Pull edges taut and secure with a rubber band.
Stuff into container. Stick in your straight pins and you’re done!


3 thoughts on “#6: Simple Pin Cushion// Project ReStyle

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  2. I love this. It reminds me of one I had but broke. I’ll have to try to make my own. I included this in my link love today. Thanks for sharing.

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