traveling pants// remix #9

Day 9 and I’ve finally gotten around to wearing the one pair of pants that I included in my remix choices. (Partly because until today, they’ve been buried in a pile of dirty clothes on the laundry room floor.) It’s not that I don’t like wearing pants, I just don’t have that many that are thrifted, and since I decided to only include vintage or thrifted items in my remix this go ’round, I didn’t have much choice. You can find some really great deals on jeans at thrift stores, hence these Abercrombie jeans that I bought for about $5, but it takes a lot more time digging and trying on than I usually have patience for.

I had a mild moment of panic when I went to put these jeans on today. Since I had last worn them (I think last Monday), they had shrunk about 2 sizes! Granted, they had just come out of the dryer, but this was more shrinkage than usual. What would I do if I couldn’t squeeze into my one pair of pants?? Go 21 more days in skirts and dresses?? Luckily, with a lot of pulling, tugging, lunging and bending, I got them up and buttoned. Whew. (We’ll have to give them a few more days of wear before I can tuck in the shirt though.)

This awesome vintage shirt was my grandma’s. I didn’t want to wear the cardigan with it today, but it was too cold outside without it. I absolutely love these old plaid shirts from the 70’s and 80’s! So roomy  and comfortable!

Well, I’m off to go enjoy some (hopefully) yummy Mexican food. Have a fun and safe Friday night!


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