Pineapple Bisquick Biscuits// what i eat

Last week I ran across something in Kroger that made me stop in my tracks– Gluten Free Bisquick. First mixes for cakes, brownies, and cookies, and now Betty Crocker has introduced a version of her famous kitchen cheat Bisquick for all of us gluten free gals out there! (Although I wouldn’t recommend the brownies or cookies; there are much better GF mixes for those out there.) It wasn’t on my shopping list, but I grabbed a box anyway just to give it a shot.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon. I’m at home, starving, with absolutely nothing to eat in my kitchen except for frozen fruits and veggies and half a jar of black olives. Eying the box of Bisquick in the cabinet, I decided it was time to experiment a bit. One the back of the box there was a recipe for simple biscuits, so using that as a base I came up with a concoction for GF vegan pineapple biscuits. Yum.

I should tell you that last week I made my first attempt at GF vegan baking from a box. It was NOT good. A little gun-shy this time, I decide to only make half a recipe of these guys so that I wouldn’t waste the whole box of Bisquick. (Oh the joys of GF convenience food: half the size, twice the price…) Instead of using Ener-G Egg replacer, which is where I think the cake went south, I made a slurry of flax seed and water. Totally did the trick!! These guys were so soft and fluffy out of the oven, with a nice crisp outside layer. The half a batch didn’t make it past bedtime last night.

I’m sure you could adapt this recipe if you don’t have Bisquick, using other flours and starches. Also, if you don’t have a problem with gluten, you could probably use regular Bisquick instead, although I’m not sure if the two can be substituted equally. After this attempt, I’m definitely going to keep a box of the stuff in pantry from now on though. You know, for when those afternoon biscuit cravings hit.

Pineapple Bisquick Biscuits

2 cups GF Bisquick

1/3 cup Earth Balance spread

1/3 cup coconut milk beverage

1/3 cup  frozen pineapple puree

3 tbls ground  flax seed + 9 tbls water

In a small bowl, combine flax seed and water and let sit for at least two minutes. These are your “eggs.”

In a blender or food processor, puree a 8-9 chunks of frozen pineapple (defrosted first). I used my Magic Bullet, which is perfect for this. I just microwaved mine for about 15-20 seconds first to defrost, then blended until it was a lovely yummy liquid. You want to pineapple liquified and not in big chunks, so that the biscuits have the sweetness and flavor without the extra texture. Measure after blending to make sure you have 1/3 cup.

In another bowl, place Bisquick. Cut in Earth Balance, either using your hands, a pastry cutter, or a fork, until mixture resembles coarse cornmeal. I used a food processor to make this, which made it that much easier, but if you don’t have one the old fashioned way works too. Add the pineapple puree, coconut milk, and “eggs” and combine until fully incorporated and a soft dough forms.

Drop dough by big spoonfuls onto an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake for 13-15 minutes.

Makes 10 biscuits.

Note: When I posted this earlier today, I accidently listed the wrong amounts for the flax seed slurry. I’ve corrected it now. I also said “flax seed” but what I meant was “ground flax seed” or “flax seed meal.”  Just so you know, 1 egg= 1 tbls ground flax seed + 3 tbls water (this recipe calls for 3 “eggs.”) Sorry for any confusion!

I ate two right when they came out of the oven and the flavor was amazing! Replacing half of the liquid with  a bit of frozen pineapple puree gave a light sweetness to the dough without being overbearing.They were a little too soft on the inside so I planned on tweaking the recipe on the next batch before sharing. However, once they cooled for about 15 minutes, I went back for a third and the texture was perfect! I would recommend letting them cool for about 5-10 minutes before serving them to guests, but feel free to scoop a hot one off the cookie sheet for yourself. 🙂 Put a little Earth Balance inside of a slightly warm biscuit and enjoy a little bit of biscuit heaven.


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