grown up attire// remix #7

This skirt reminds me of my professional days. Not that I had that many, just a few years really, but I enjoyed getting to dress up in heels and pencil skirts. I think I actually dressed more professional than my office dress code dictated most days, but what can I say, I had to make the job fun somehow.

This vintage skirt was one of my favorites. I can’t remember where I got it, or when. I love the fake fold in the front, it helps give shape to the skirt. It also gives you a little camouflage on those days when you feel a little poofy.

These shoes (from Target) are also a thrown back to my office days. They hurt soooo bad the first few times I wore them! I would wear them to work but bring another pair to change into when my feet started throbbing. Eventually I worked up to being able to make it over 12 hours in them, although now I could barely keep them on long enough to take these pictures before giving my feeble ankles a break.

The shirt… this is one of my most favorite vintage pieces, and I do believe the one that has been in my closet the longest. I found in while in high school, in a bag of my great-grandfather’s old clothing, and it’s been in my wardrobe rotation ever since. That’s about 14 years!! It’s a men’s size small and after years of machine washing and drying, it fits me perfectly now. I can’t really imagine those blue and peach roses on a man, but who am I to judge fashion attire of the past.


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