a day late, but worth every penny// remix #5

I know you all were super concerned when I didn’t share an outfit post yesterday (since I’ve been so consistent and all with that lately) but this time I finally have a good excuse (that doesn’t involve pajamas). Yesterday I got a little change of scenery and headed over to Athens, GA to catch a show (have I mentioned how much I love The Civil Wars? I have? Ok, then.). One of my best friends from high school lives there so I got to hang out with her for dinner before the show, and a couple of my other favorite friends from recent years drove in to meet us at the venue.

Since Athens is on my list of potential new homes, I decided to head into town a little early and do some sightseeing. And by sightseeing, I mean shopping. No worries, I didn’t buy anything since that’s a no-no during the 30 for 30 challenge, but I did check out some amazing vintage stores! One of my favorite things about Athens are the great little independent shops, bars, and restaurants that make up the downtown area. Once you get past the whole football and frat guy outer layer, Athens has a great little hippie rocker vibe that I love.

But back to the clothes. Not what I wore, we’ll get to that soon enough, but the clothes I saw. It’s good for me to get out and spend some time in other vintage shops from time to time. It helps me to come back and look at my goods with a fresh eye. It also helps me to visualize my dream future when The Fainting Goat has its own little brick and mortar store one day, and I pay my lovely assistants to sit behind a counter and sell the heck out of my clothes while I travel around the country in a Winnebago purchasing and spreading the word. (I wonder if I should move buying a Winnebago further up my to do list… you know, a “if you buy it, you can go” kinda philosophy… probably not.)

NOW, what I wore. I took these shots in the morning, before I headed out, intending to find a little coffee shop to sit and post them in the afternoon, but what can I say, the shopping overwhelmed me. Side note, I did carry my laptop/camera bag around all afternoon while I shopped (the best of intentions) and I got so many comments on how awesome it is!! ReStyle score!!

This is one of my favorite vintage dresses! I think these little shear secretary dresses from the late 70’s, early 80’s are the best for everyday vintage wear. The polyester fabric makes them way more sturdy than some of the vintage dresses from earlier era’s, so I don’t have to worry about wearing them to death, a habit I have with my attire.

Just in case you have a strong attention to details, I’ll go ahead and confirm that this is in fact the same belt, shoes, and tights that I wore in remix 4. Don’t worry, I plan to wear this dress a few more times during the challenge, so you’ll get to see it with the pretty heels too, I’ve just learned that boots are the way to go for concerts and walking around all day.

I’ll be back in a bit with today’s remix, so sit tight! Well, go ahead and go back to work, don’t just keep hitting refresh on your browser window, but check back later, ok? 🙂


2 thoughts on “a day late, but worth every penny// remix #5

  1. I love this dress, this whole look really. Also, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I’ve really enjoyed seeing your dress redos for Project ReStyle. Keep up the good work.

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