blue crush// remix #4

Remember that movie Blue Crush that came out a few years back? Where Kate Bosworth plays a surfer chic and shares a house on the beach with her little sister and two surfer chic friends? And drives an awesome old beat up car? (the details I notice…) Well, I made the mistake of watching it this morning. Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of my favorites, but it makes me miss summer, and the beach, and barely wearing any clothes but still looking socially acceptably dressed.

I stepped outside afterwards expecting warm rays of sunshine and the sticky heat of summer. Instead I got a cold breeze and the unmistakable faux warmth of a sunny winter day. Since I couldn’t really rock a bikini in this weather, I went with this outfit instead.

Nothing on me vintage today, but everything is thrifted. Actually, I think it was actually all gifted. Not that people gave them to me as gifts, just that people gave them to me, or more specifically my store. So I guess you could say that, except for the cheap Target boots, my outfit today was free!


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