and then there was sun// remix #3

Hi there. I’m back. What can I say, this week has been a doozie. In between emergency vet trips, fights with various internet service providers, and somehow managing to strain both my back and my left ankle (separate incidences), there has been a little more drama in my life than I care to handle. (Did I mention I also fell of a stool while trying to photograph my 30 items? I thought my first photography related injury would have occurred in front of the camera, not behind it.) So yesterday I took a day off. Sometimes when my body reaches it’s breaking point and demands hibernation, I just give in. The important thing is that I always do it in the form of a deal. Such as, we can stay in bed with the curtains drawn watching multiple seasons of (insert random television show here) today, but tomorrow it’s back to life. Keeping to my word, today I got back to life, meaning I got dressed and took pictures of myself.

It’s been rainy and cold all week, but today the sun came out. The ground was still wet and mucky though, so my heels kept sinking in if I stood in one place for too long. The temperature was warm enough that I could pull off this dress without a sweater.

This dress was originally from Target, but I found it at the Goodwill while it was still being sold in Target! I thought it was black when I bought it, but then I got it home and noticed that it’s actually dark brown. I love the hot pink and orange details. These are two colors that I don’t wear a lot of, so I’m glad to have a way in include them in my wardrobe in small doses.

I’m a little concerned about how many ways I can remix this dress. I’ve got one or two more ideas to try but then I’m at a loss. Hopefully I can come up with something interesting and awesome, it’s a great dress that I can pretty much wear year round… and for less than $6, what more can a girl ask for?


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