30 for 30// The Pieces

I know I promised you guys my 30 pieces for the next 30 for 30 Remix Challenge yesterday but sometimes in life, circumstances outside of your control get in the way of keeping promises. I was without internet access for a few days there, but now I’m back… with my selections!

Like I mentioned before, for this 30 for 30 Remix, I decided that I would only include items that were either vintage or thrifted. I’m making an exception for shoes though, because not only are good second-hand shoes hard to find, the sweet vintage ones generally wouldn’t hold up to the kind of wear that this challenge lends itself to. I’m pretty excited with my selections, I think this challenge is going to be a little more interesting than the last one was! I definitely did not play it safe with these choices. The only item that I’m repeating from the last challenge is my jeans. I only have two pairs of thrifted jeans, and I seriously wear this one at least once a week so they made the cut.

My first remix will be up tomorrow, but for now, here are my 30 pieces!


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