Artists I Love// Andrew Belle

It’s been a while since I’ve shared another Artists I Love post with you guys. Today’s artist is what I call a sleeper surprise in my iTunes library. What I mean by that is that I forget how much I love them until they pop up in a mix or shuffle one day and suddenly I’m reminded of why I added them in the first place– because they are awesome! So without further ado, this week’s Artist I Love is Andrew Belle!

Genre: Pop/Indie

How we met: Like many of the artists I’ve shared before, I first heard Andrew Belle on tour with the Ten Out of Tenn project. His simple sound reminded me of an Amos Lee meets Iron & Wine sound and I was immediately a fan. I later downloaded his EP All The Pretty Lights and listened to those 5 tracks over and over and over…

Sit, stand or dance: Sit and listen or stand and sway. Great iPod music for contemplative nature walking (which is what I call those days when I need to exercise but don’t really feel like exerting myself).

Favorite songs:

1) Static Waves-

2) All Those Pretty Lights-

3) The Ladder-

Favorite video:

Static Waves… ok, so this is the same song as above, but the video is cool, and it features Katie Herzig singing back up (another of my faves!)

Buy the album: Like I said, the EP All the Pretty Lights is great, so definitely grab it. You can also get his new debut full length album The Ladder now, it’s awesome as well. And for the next couple of days you can download it for FREE on Noisetrade! If you’ve never visited Noisetrade before, you should definitely check it out! Lots of great indie and up and coming artists share their music with the world there, and you can get it for free just by recommending the artists to your friends (you can also leave tips for the artists as well). It’s free until midnight on Friday, so now you have no excuse to go grab The Ladder today! I’ve been listening to it all morning while fighting with my internet connection, and I must say it has probably kept me from throwing my laptop across the room a time or two now. (That’s a thumbs up review, in case you were wondering.)


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