All in a day’s work…

Last night, I had a dream that I was drowning while aboard a tug boat that had created a vacuum while trying to port in a large cement cylinder. Accidentally, of course. Aboard was me, my mother, and a couple of fisherman and the old sea-captain. We were all holding onto stripper poles as the boat was sucked down the tube. (No one was actually using the poles to strip in the dream, I just can’t think of a better way to describe them.) Needless to say, I had a little bit of trouble falling asleep again after that dream.

My pets are conspiring to trick me into waking up (and feeding them) 10 minutes earlier each day. I fight back by having a cup of coffee and then going back to bed. Although I do feed them first, so I guess we both win.

Annnnyyywayyy… today i spent most of the day working on revamping some dresses. I have a stack ready to go to my “tailor” tomorrow to get their fancy new short hemlines. I also started working on some of my more, let’s call it difficult pieces, like this one:

Trust me, she’s gonna be a beauty when I get done with her. Plus, the dress is a vintage size 22, so some plus size gal out there is going to be really happy to take her home. I removed the chiffon layers and shoulder pads today, now to just rework the skirt and the neckline.

I accidentally made something for myself today too. Well, I accidentally cut a tiny hole in one of the dresses I was working with so by default I made something for myself. It’s a good thing that I love, love, love it! It’s actually going to be my Project ReStyle item this week. Here’s a preview of the before:

Sexy, huh? 😉

Tomorrow I’ll show you the finished project (projects, actually!) and give you the how to. Now it’s time to relax with The Office and Parks & Recreation! 🙂 Happy Thursday, everyone!


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