Snow!!!… (and a whole bunch of ice.)

I heard today that all of the 50 US states except for Florida currently have snow on the ground. Crazy! Here in Atlanta, we were hit by a pretty big storm on Sunday night, dumping 3″-8″ of pretty powdery snow all around the city and another good 1/2″ of solid ice on top of it all. Monday was sooo much fun to play in! Tuesday was pretty cool too. Now that we’re on Wednesday and people all over the city are still trapped in their homes due to the ice-covered roads…. not so much fun anymore.


I have chosen to make the best of this time by playing outside like a little kid… a lot! Lucky for me, my 10-year-old nephew lives next door, so I have a real kid that I can play with. We’ve sled down hills on plastic bin lids, had snow ball fights, and built a few snowmen (my favorite snow activity!!).

I’m sooo glad that I bought my new camera last week! It’s been fun testing it out this week, especially trying to take night shots of the snow coming down on Sunday. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the week:

Night shot, no flash!



Snowman #1

I thought the grass in mouth was a nice touch.


Annie loved the snow! Who knew that you could play fetch with snowballs?!

I took a turn on the sled... and have the bruises on my hips to prove it!

But I definitely wasn't brave enough to go head first!

Tuesday's snowman... cabin fever must have set in.

By Wednesday, the snowmen were starting to make themselves at home.

Truth be told, I’m a little over the cold stuff too. It’s been so cold lately, the snow is starting to turn to even more ice which makes it not as much fun to play in. Plus the makeup I ordered from Sephora for my weight loss reward last week is stranded somewhere in Tennessee. I’m going to try and break out tomorrow if possible, just to run to the grocery store. Or maybe I’ll just spend another day sitting by the fire with a hot cup of tea. 🙂




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