Houston, we have a new camera!(and a new dress)

Hello internet friends! Sorry I’ve been quite for a while. I’ve been busy stalking all of your blogs and gorging myself on fudge. But I’m back now, with some new pretties to show off!

First, how great is this dress?? I bought it at the Goodwill the other day, intending to sell it in my store. When I tried it one though (like I do all of my new inventory) I absolutely fell in love and decided it had to stay in my closet. It came with a friend too, who may also join my closet come spring. Both were hanging out in the sleepwear section pretending to be nightgowns. Better for me though, that made them only $3.89 each!!

Another new addition to my world is my first real camera! Notice the backdrop in these pics? That’s my kitchen wall. That’s right, folks, I can now finally take pictures indoors! My old camera refused to capture any images indoors via natural lighting, and don’t even get me started oh how screwed up the flash was. However, my lovely new (to me) Nikon is so much better behaved. I took these images today as an afterthought while walking through my kitchen on my way out. I literally sat the camera on counter, hit the self-timer button, and presto!! Pictures of me, indoors. I can’t wait to see how good they turn out once my tripod and remote get here and I figure out what all these buttons and settings do.


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