Notes from the frozen tundra

Hello blog buddies! It’s been a few days since I finished the 30 for 30 challenge, and a few days since my last post. In case you were worried, don’t be… I have been wearing clothes, and I do plan on continuing this blog even now that the 30 days are up. I took Friday off, Saturday was super busy, then Sunday it got so freaking cold here in Georgia that I’ve been cocooned in blankets by the fireplace for three days. Seriously, the high yesterday was in the 20’s, with windchill of 5. 5 degrees! I know that some of you in colder climates may think that’s nothing, but see, here’s the thing: I purposefully live in a place that shouldn’t get this cold!! I can’t do cute when I’m this cold.

I have to admit, I did hug my clothes on Friday morning. Not just the ones I was going to wear… imagine a big bear hug of my entire closet. There were so many dresses, so many colors! I’m still planning on doing a big closet purge this week (it’s on my calendar) but for now I’m just enjoying the freedom to wear whatever I want… or not wear anything. My dog misses the time out in the yard while I took my pics, she gets all excited whenever I touch my camera. Maybe tomorrow I will brave the tundra for an outfit post… or maybe not.

Also on my calendar for this week: finish writing up my new business plan for The Fainting Goat; finalize my list of things to do in 2011; and work more on setting up my studio/office. I realize that I really need an office now (not just my couch), so I’m working on getting one of my extra bedrooms converted into a supply room/studio and the other into a home office. These are all lofty goals for me… wish me luck!


One thought on “Notes from the frozen tundra

  1. Good luck with getting everything done! I’m trying to do some catch-up too on the holidays – cleaning out the unneeded stuff and becoming more efficient. You’ve inspired me 🙂

    Lydia x

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