Elizabeth, Full of Grace // Remix 30 (!!!!)

Dress: ??, can't remember; shirt, shoes, and I think tights: Target.

Well folks, this is it. My final remix for Kendi’s 30 for 30 Challenge! I’ll share a summary of all 30 outfits plus some lessons I’ve learned during this adventure later, for now let’s give this outfit the attention she deserves!

I’ve resolved some minor heating issues in my house (hello, just shut all the doors!), so my new toasty mid-50’s temps in my bedroom caused me to be a little adventurous in my outfit planning today. I wanted to wear this dress without the shirt under, but then I remembered that it is still just barely above freezing outside, where I would be taking the pictures, so I added the under layer as a compromise with my struggling immune system. Hopefully, the shine in the tights help combat being mistaken for wearing a onesie or a unitard.

I honestly feel like this outfit is missing something, but I couldn’t figure out what. A belt would mess with the flow of the dress. A necklace would compete with the detailing on the bodice. Any suggestions??

I survived being outside a little longer today than I did yesterday, but still only got a handful of useable shots. I decided to experiment with some of the not-so-great ones, trying out different effects. I like this one above a lot. The original image was great but over exposed. Hooray for digital cameras!

Look at that, a natural looking smile!! Well, it’s because I was laughing… at myself, falling down. Three inch heels, soft ground, tree roots, a self timer and my natural grace do not mix well. I took this picture just to check the lighting in this spot (hence the coat still on), but it turned out to be one of the better shots today. Why do I always look my most graceful when I am falling down?! For example:

I’ve really enjoyed this challenge, but I can’t wait to wear something else tomorrow! Or maybe I’ll just stay in my pjs all day, and not feel at all guilty!


4 thoughts on “Elizabeth, Full of Grace // Remix 30 (!!!!)

  1. Cute! Love that dress. I’m a sucker for pink and girlie things. You asked about the outfit, I wonder if a simple turtleneck might play up the detail on the front of the dress? I don’t think it’s missing anything, it’s lovely. But maybe not having another neckline close to it would work better? Let me/us know if you discover another way to wear it that you like better.

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