nocturnal migrations and a new yard sale


Good morning! I hope you all got to sleep in a little on this lovely Saturday morning. I awoke to my Russian cat doing the equivalent of jumping on my bed to let me know that he was hungry and that I needed to feed him. He doesn’t do this often, but when he does it is very annoying.

In all fairness, it was almost 10am, and they are used to having breakfast around 8am. Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed my internal clock has been shifting a little each day. I sleep a little later in the mornings, and go to bed a little later at night. I still average about 7 hours a night, it’s just a different 7 hours. For example, Wednesday: 1am-8am; Thursday: 1:45am-9am; Friday: 2:30am-9:45am. I don’t like where this is heading.

So what was I doing up at 2am? Partying? Carousing? Not this girl… I was researching domain hosting for The Fainting Goat Boutique. So much has changed in the online retail world since we had our last website, its like I’m starting from scratch. Part of my business plan that I’m going to have down on paper before the end of the year (one of my to do’s for The List) will involve opening a new online retail store, so I need to know what’s out there. I actually love doing research, on anything. It’s one of the reasons that private investigator made my short list of possible career paths.

I was also up late last night putting the final touches on this weeks Yard Sale collection. The theme is All That Glitters. Just between us, it was supposed to be All That Shimmers, but I had a momentary lapse when creating the banner for this week and put glitters instead. That works too, I suppose. I picked shiny things. I literally walked around my stacks, racks and piles of inventory and pulled out things that were shiny and caught my eye. There’s a few purses, some shoes, even a few evening gowns this week! ( I had to up the price category for those to $25 because they are both made of seriously heavy velvet so the cost to ship them will be greater. Even at that price though it’s a steal!)

Here’s a look at some of the items being shared this week. I managed to locate the file on my old laptop where some of our product photos from the last website were stored, so you’ll see a few of those beautiful shining faces in here as well.

GUESS Turquoise & Silver Pumps, $10


Vintage Silver Clutch Purse, $10


Satiny Wrap Top, $10


NEW Daisy Fuentes Heavy Metal Cami, $10


Chiffon Salsa Dress, $20


Velvet & Glitter Evening Gown, $25

Enjoy your Saturday!! I’ll be back later with my outfit post. So far my outfit still consists of my flannel leggings and long sleeve tee, i.e my pajamas. Not really inspiring… or flattering. 🙂









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