Dead Sweater Walking// Remix 24


Boots, jeans, shirt, cardi: Target; sweater & belt: The Fainting Goat Boutique.

Happy Friday, internet friends! Encouraged by my legging layering success from yesterday, I decided to be creative again today with my remixing attempts. How so? I’m wearing three of my tops, at the same time! Again, I would never have thought of wearing a sweater on top of this sweater were it not for this challenge. I added the brown tunic as a base layer to help out the proportions of the shorter sweaters.


I think this teal sweater has just about seen its last day in my closet. It’s lost a good bit of its shape, and the wool blend isn’t nearly as soft as it once was. The color is just so great though. A big time closet purge will definitely be on my agenda before the end of the year.

Speaking of purging, I’m afraid that these jeans may have to go as well. I’ve definitely gotten my $7 worth out of them though. They’ve faded like crazy, plus I’m noticing from these pictures that they appear to have a stain on them. Huh. I wonder how long that’s been there…

No cat drama today, but I did have to give my dog a bath as soon as we came in from taking these pictures. She managed to find a lovely puddle of mud to roll around in, then topped it off with a roll in some leaves and dead grass. This is her favorite time of year… not a lot of bugs and lots of crunchy stuff to play in.


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