A Perfect World// Remix 22


Shirt: vintage; jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch, thrifted; shoes: Target; coat: thrifted; sunglasses: H


I think the cold weather has gotten to my brain. You would think that not having heat in my house would make me want to automatically dress warmly, but no… I decided to wear a tissue thin, short sleeve blouse today. I watched the news last night and heard them say it would get below freezing everyday this week. I’ve been carrying a space heater from room to room with me for days. Yet still, I thought this would be a good outfit to wear today.

As soon as I stepped outside, I understood the insanity of outfit choice. So I grabbed a coat. And my sunglasses, because it’s also very bright today!

I did manage to get a few shots without the coat. When the wind stopped blowing and the sun hit me just right, it was almost bearable. Almost.

In all fairness, I did want to wear my white sweater over this top today. Unbuttoned, belted with the skinny belt. The sleeves were too tight and stretchy to wear over this shirt though. The puffy sleeves on the shirt made my upper arms look like I was trying to fake muscles or something.

In a perfect outfit world, I would also have worn trouser jeans with this look instead of bootcut. I also would have taken in the shirt a little around the waist; it’s a little too big, even when tucked in. I would prefer shoes with a little more vintage character too. So basically, in a perfect outfit world, I would be wearing another outfit.


3 thoughts on “A Perfect World// Remix 22

  1. Thanks for visiting my site! I love your shirt and jeans combo ~ I can imagine wearing that in the tropical island I’m located 🙂 but I will probably be shivering like mad wearing like that in the cold! Hahaha I envy how you can manage to withstand the coldness!

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